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Her only son came back in a coffin from Pune

February 17, 2010 20:57 IST

Lucknow resident Nidhi Saxena, 55, had been waiting for her son Abhishek to return from Pune, where he was studying in the final year of engineering.

On Wednesday, Saxena's only son returned home encased in a coffin. Abhishek was one of the ten victims who were killed in the blast at Pune's German Bakery on February 13. 

Saxena, who had been widowed in 1994, had brought up Abhishek single-handedly. The final-year engineering student battled for his life for nearly 48 hours in a hospital in Pune before succumbing to his injuries.

The grief stricken family, comprising a large number of relatives and friends, attended his last rites at the Bhaisakund crematorium.

"Abhishek's mother Nidhi has been working at a bank after her husband died of cancer. She had been looking forward to her son completing his engineering degree. She had not even imagined in her nightmares that her son will meet such a gory end," remarked a close relative at the funeral.

He added that Abhishek's grandmother had not come to terms with his death yet, and was still waiting for her grandson to come back home. 

The relative added, "Abhishek had gone to the German Bakery with a few friends on the fateful day and was seated close to the table under which the explosive device was planted. He suffered grievous injuries in the blast, following which one of his legs was  amputated. But his condition went on deteriorating and he expired on Tuesday."

Sharat Pradhan In Lucknow