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Hacking group's target is Sunil Mittal, wants 'pro-US' govt

January 12, 2012 08:39 IST

The hacking group behind the release of documents alleging India was using mobile phone companies to spy on a United States Congress-appointed body now says its aim is to 'lessen the influence of Sunil Mittal, Chairman and CEO, Bharti Enterprises', and to undermine the current 'regime' in favour of a more 'pro-American' alternative.

'YamaTough,' the activist behind the 'Lords of Dharmaraja' hackers group, told Infosec Island, an information security Web site, 'Our goal is Bharti Mittal go off political arena and stop manipulating our government.'

' team is pro US, we fight for rights in our country we are not intentionally harm US companies (sometimes we do hack into since our botnet is worldwide) but we do not steal credit cards and make money of it and we do not do banks etc. Our mission -- exposure of the corruption,' 'Yamatough' reportedly Infosec Island in this report.

According to Infosec Island, 'YamaTough' has given it evidence that allegedly reveals that the Indian government is reportedly carrying out spying not only on the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission, the US Congress body, but 'potentially thousands of US government networks, ranging from those of federal agencies to systems used by state and municipal entities.'

The Infosec Island Web site says it has received what was described as merely a 'sample' of what the 'Lords of Dharmaraja' hackers group claim to have in its possession.

The data includes 68 sets of 'usernames and passwords for compromised US government network accounts, which were said to have been acquired by hacking multiple servers belonging to India's Ministry of External affairs ( and the National Informatics Centre (,' amongst others, according to the Infosec Island Web site.

It said 'YamaTough' also indicated the group was allegedly in possession of data from numerous companies other than Symantec, and they have yet to decide whether or not they will make the information public, though they have stated to Infosec Island that they may be inclined to do so.

Meanwhile, mobile phone companies cited in the report and the Indian Army have denied any part in the alleged spying operation.

Faisal Kidwai in Mumbai