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This article was first published 19 years ago  » News » Longest dance party record: Selection process

Longest dance party record: Selection process

By Patcy N in Mumbai
Last updated on: December 15, 2004 17:52 IST
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Part I: How long can you dance? 65 hours?

Since participants will have to dance for 65 hours, event organisers OGL Interactive contacted Mumbai-based fitness expert Kaizad Kapadia, associated with the K11 group of gyms, to shortlist potential candidates.

To begin with, candidates must not carry any injury.

They will be tested for cardiovascular endurance - the amount of oxygen pumped by the heart and transported by the blood to the working muscles, and the efficiency of the muscles to use that oxygen.

1. McArdle Step Test: A person has to go up and down a step for 3 minutes. This will increase his/her heartbeat. It is then to be seen how long it takes for the heart to recover and return to its regular beat.

2. Brigham Young University VO2 test: You undertake a one-mile jog on a treadmill while your oxygen intake - volume of oxygen consumed while exercising at maximum capacity - is measured. Higher VO2 values imply a fitter person.

Once your have cleared these tests, candidates will undertake a specific training programme to improve muscular endurance, weight training and cardio vascular workouts. They will follow a diet plan, which will be high in complex carbohydrates that will serve as the body's source of fuel.

Despite all these, if a person does fall ill or faces any problem during the party, medical personnel will be on call to attend to them.

The tests will be conducted at Euphoria gym in south Mumbai.

Asked about the response from potential candidates, Kapadia told, "Very good but we are being very choosy. As it is a party during New Year's eve, lots of people are interested. Even if they are not match our fitness requirements, they still want to go to Goa. Secondly, if a person is shortlisted, but refuses to stop dance after five hours, we can't force him/her to continue. Hence, it is important that we shortlist serious participants.

"We have got about 50 to 60 candidates. Their training programme has begun. On Monday, they will undergo another round of fitness tests when some will be eliminated because don't need more than 35," said Kapadia.

The short-listed candidates will travel to Goa on December 26.

Party Venue: Radisson White Sands Resort, Goa
Fitness Expert: Kaizad Kapadia
Date: December 28
Event Managers: OGL Interactive, Goa

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Patcy N in Mumbai