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Girl in Secret Service prostitution scandal identified

Source: ANI
April 20, 2012 15:27 IST
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First pictures of the bikini-clad working girl allegedly involved in the Secret Service prostitution scandal have emerged on a social network site.

According to the New York Daily News, images of the woman known only as 'Dania' show her posing for the camera and sporting her assets, including a curvy figure accentuated by enhanced breasts, flowing hair with rays of highlights.

Her identity was revealed when the names of two of the Secret Service supervisors involved in the scandal came to light.

David Chaney was allowed to retire over his alleged role in the incident, while Greg Stokes was 'removed with cause', the Daily Mail reported.

Another agent resigned after being suspended as part of the investigation into the scandal.

One of the three agents to have left the service so far apparently plans to sue the agency over his treatment in the aftermath of the prostitution scandal, which has made headlines around the world.

The two supervisors who have left the service in the wake of the revelations were named as Stokes and Chaney by CBS News on Thursday evening.

Stokes, who could appeal his sacking in the next 30 days, is reportedly head of the agency's Canine Training Section.

The men were identified as soon as 'Dania,' the mother of a 9-year-old son, broke her silence.

Speaking about the tawdry episode that has seen three agents ousted from their posts after a wild night of partying in Cartagena last week, a 24-year-old high-end escort claims she was offered 30 dollars -- a fraction of her 800 dollars fee -- for a night with one of the men.

"I tell him, 'Baby, my cash money'," she recalled in an interview while recounting a heated exchange that has wrecked the agency's reputation and become an election year embarrassment for President Barack Obama.

The news came on Friday as the Secret Service says three employees have been ousted in the wake of questionable behaviour at the Hotel Caribe last week, with some now under investigation for possible drug use, ABC News reported.

New details of the sordid night emerged on Wednesday as a single mother and self-described prostitute told that she met an agent at a discotheque, believed to be the PleyClub, in Cartagena and after a night of drinking.

"They never told me they were with Obama," she said, calling the men "very discreet".

The woman, who opted to remain anonymous, said she and one of the agents agreed the agent would pay her 800 dollars for sex at the hotel.

The next morning, when the hotel's front desk called because the woman had not left, the pair argued over the price.

In an interview in Colombia, she said the two argued after the agent initially offered to pay her about 30 dollars and the situation escalated, eventually ending with Colombian law enforcement involved.

She said she was eventually paid about 225 dollars.

Days later, she said a friend told her the argument had made the news, and to her shock, she discovered the man was a Secret Service agent.

"I'm scared," she said, adding that she did not want the man in question to be reprimanded, and fears retaliation.

"This is something really big," she said.

"This is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time."

Eleven Secret Service agents were ultimately sent home from the colonial-era city of Cartagena on Colombia''s Caribbean coast after a wild night of partying that saw many of the agents bring escorts back to their rooms, according to reports.

Special agents and uniformed officers were stationed in Cartagena in advance of President Obama's arrival for the Summit of the Americas.

The incident took place before Obama arrived and was at a different hotel than the President stayed in.

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Source: ANI
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