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Dengue could leave victims depressed

October 26, 2006 14:40 IST

Feeling depressed is a common symptom a person who has recovered from dengue could face, but the blues last only a few days and not everyone is affected, say experts.

"Feeling depressed or low is a common phenomenon seen among people whose survival has become a question mark," P L Joshi, director of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, told PTI.

"It is a normal behavior," he said. Over 7,000 people have been affected with dengue in the country. Rishab Singh, who recovered from the viral disease, said there was a time when he felt tired and depressed.

"My family got worried because I am not usually a quiet person. But doctors told us that it is a normal behaviour. After a few days, I was my usual self," he said.

Samir Parikh, head of the mental health department in Maxhealthcare, said it is a common reaction of a human being to a situation. "People who have gone through physical pain or have faced life-threatening situation, like in dengue, it is common to see that they feel a bit low, down and out."

He said usually such patients when undergoing treatment for dengue

are counselled by doctors during hospitalisation. According to Anoop Mishra, a consultant in the internal medicine department of Fortis, not everyone faces the same situation.

"People who have recovered from dengue do feel tired or low. But not everyone goes through such a symptom and it is difficult to say why it happens in one person and why not in another," he said.

Reshma Aggarwal, a psychiatrist in Pant Hospital in New Delhi, said the symptoms are common among people who recover from viral disease too.

"It is a reactive thing, which lasts a few days. After a person faces a situation where his whole survival was in stake, he goes through mood swings," she said. However, she stressed that "if a person does not come out from the depression a week after recovering then he should consult a doctor."

Parikh suggested that the best way for speedy recovery is to go back to normal life or routine as soon as possible. "The person, who has recovered from fever, will feel sad for a week or so. But then he should bounce back by following his daily lifestyle. It is the best way to come out of all types of sad feelings," he added.

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