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'We heard a deafening sound'

Last updated on: July 25, 2008 19:25 IST
Some responses from citizen reporters in Bangalore 




I am Satish working at in a software comapny in ITPL, Whitefield, Bengaluru.
We have heard of the Blasts and saw intense activity of calls being made to dear and near ones to know of the situation or to explain of the known information.
There was tension in the afternoon, which has clamed down after it was known that they were small blasts.
There was talk that this was to create fear among the citizens.
All were united to help each other. As most of the mobile networks were jammed, it was informed to people staying outside the city using the landlines or mobbiles which were working
All the Software Engineers in ITPL are eager to go home.
They are more worried about the safety of the citizens in Bangaluru.




What happened today was perhaps waiting to happen... A lot to do with the security situation prevailing in the entire country.
Coming to the blasts in Bangalore, there is no need to panic at all... Situation seems well under control... Things are moving as usual...
Condolences to the family that lost its near one(s)...

Sudesh Shenoy



When we heared the news about the bomb blast, there was panic & tensed moments going all around.
I had tried contacting my friends who are staying at the bomb blast areas, but all mobile network got jammed
& there has been no response. finally i had get in touch with them thru mail.

In the mean time all our employees got Important advisory mail in concern with the bomb blast from our company sources too.

Ahamed Inzamam

I am an employee of MphasiS Ltd, Koramangala on Hosur Road. At about 1:30 pm while having lunch on our terrace we heard a deafening sound. We saw it from our terrace and everybody thought it could be an Auto-cylinder blast. But out of curiosity, I went to the spot. At that time the police had just arrived. The blast occurred just about 250 meters from our office on Hosur Road at a bus stop near St. Johns Hospital Petrol bunk. The bomb was hidden in a toilet pan and it was placed under the seat of the Bus-shelter. I saw one lady was died on the spot and two other were taken to hospital in very serious condition.


The situation is extremely tensed here at this moment as police have cordoned-off the blast spot and traffic on Hosur Road is out of gear. In our office the security has been tightened and it has been announced not go out side the premises till next announcement.

Manoranjan Aran



I was passing through Madiwala minitues after the blast had happened.
There is absolutely no cause for panic as police have taken control of the situation. Every looked calm and normal. I appeal to all Bangalorians to refrain from listening to all rumours that is flowing arround.



There is no blast in Mekhri Circle area of Bengaluru as rumours are going around. I went there to see if there was any and there were none.

V Vishwanath

There are no great impact on the Bengaluru people and their rotuine work.

Immediately Bangalore police has taken charge and is diverting traffic, monitoring activites with out disturbing the public.

This bomb blast held in places where the sofware industries are.

Shanmugasundaram M

My office is next to the Madiwala police station, under which jurisdiction two blasts have happened.

Our office security head visited the station, and as per police, they are low intensity crude bombs and there is no need to panic. The traffic is now flowing through the Madiwala checkpost traffic signal, one of the blast sites. Our office is right on Hosur road, (next to Madiwala police station) and though traffic is slow, its moving.

Nagesh Adoni

I don't see any issues nor heard any sound of the blast but a look at the roads – all seem fine with minor jams here and there. Will update if I hear or see something different.


As of now situation in Bangalore city is calm…Nothing thing worry I beg to my friends and other people don't spread rumours and don't believe in roumors. I got a call from my friend just now and he said many people were killed in the blasts.

Nikesh Ariviruthy

I have my office in Shivajinagar,one of the most sensitive areas of Bangalore.There are unconfirmed reports of blast here also.But every thing looks absolutely normal here.even places where blasts have taken place,things are reasonably normal.I again believe media is over playing the issue to gain one upmanship over rival channels.Pls don't spread panic by over reacting


Today around 1.20 pm we heard big sound and after that saw smoke at Madiwala Bus Stand (Near Forum Mall). It seems to be the bomb was planted under the bus stand. In this blasts one lady was died (there is blood at the spot) and there are not many people are there in the bus stand and the bomb is low intensity. After 1 hour bomb squad was came with dogs. Public is crowding this place to see the incident.