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Cops investigate murder of Indo-Canadian family

By Ajit Jain in Toronto
Last updated on: November 22, 2007 20:11 IST
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The Ottawa police has begun investigations into a gruesome crime involving an Indo-Canadian family.

They first found three bodies in a single-family home on Wednesday and after several hours when they went again to search the place, they reportedly stumbled upon the fourth body.

The police are wondering as to how during their first inspection, they missed the fourth body. 


The deceased have been identified as Santbir Singh Brar, wife Amanjeet Brar, daughters -- Dildeep, 22 and Manmeet 20.


It is being reported that Brar first shot his wife and then his two daughters. He then turned the gun on himself. Reports say the gun was found next to his body.


Police haven't found any suicide note. 


When the police first received the call at around 2 am from a person who reportedly expressed concern about a relative living in the southern part of Ottawa, they went to the scene, rang the bell but there was no response, no movement and so they came back.


But the officers went again early next morning and smashed the window to gain access to the property. 


That is when they reportedly discovered the gruesome scene inside. At that time the police discovered three bodies -- two females and one male, all adults. 


Surprisingly, the police found the fourth body when they went again in the afternoon to search the house.


According to a published report, Constable Alain Boucher couldn't explain why the fourth body was not discovered in the first instance. 


"A quick search of the house was done initially to make sure there was nobody injured and nobody was found," he is quoted as saying. "At closer inspection, she (another female) was located," Boucher said.


The investigation has now been taken over by the major crime unit of the Ottawa police.

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Ajit Jain in Toronto


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