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Bush speaks to Musharraf, reaffirms US support

November 14, 2006 18:23 IST

US President George W Bush called his Pakistani counterpart General Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday and reiterated the American commitment to a long-term, broad-based strategic relationship with Islamabad.

The US President said Pakistan was a key ally of the United States and their ties will further strengthen in the days ahead.

President Bush also reiterated his commitment to take these relations forward, the official Associated Press of Pakistan reported on Tuesday.

He offered condolences on behalf of the American people over the attack that killed 42 army recruits in Northwestern town of Dargai last Wednesday.

President Bush said the United States stood alongside Pakistan.

He appreciated Pakistan's unflinching commitment against the war on terrorism and President Musharraf's 'vital and crucial support' despite the grave and personal dangers that he faced.

He said the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan would continue to remain there in order to support the respective governments and to maintain and establish their writ.

President Musharraf thanked the American President for his support and confirmed Pakistan's commitment to continue its fight against the scourge of terrorism and extremism.