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Brijesh Kalappa: Why I Quit The Congress

June 01, 2022 17:59 IST
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'The Congress president knows my concerns.'

IMAGE: 'When I joined politics, my mother said, "earn a name and not money". I'm glad that not even my worst enemies can allege that I have attempted to fatten my purse through political power. Not sure though if I've earned a name,' Brijesh Kalappa, seen here with his parents, tweeted on the occasion of Mothers' Day. Photograph: Kind courtesy @brijeshkalappa/Twitter

"Why should I think about it? That's for the party to think about. I am no longer a Congressman," says Brijesh Kalappa -- who resigned from the party's primary membership when asked about the future of the Congress given the spate of resignations from the party.

A Congressman since 1997, Kalappa, who is also a Supreme Court advocate, gives clear hints that he is headed to Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

"Let's see," he responds to a query on whether he is joining AAP. "I have not yet taken any decision to join AAP," he adds.

"They are interested in having me. Let's see how things go," he tells Prasanna D Zore/

Ask if he is keen on joining AAP and he quips: "I don't think it's a bad idea!"

Ask him one more time to make sure if he was joining the AAP, and he says, "I am not sure. I am not sure."

Describing the reason for quitting the Congress with which he was associated since 1997, Kalappa says, "There was nothing (left in the Congress) to sort of excite me. Politics without passion is meaningless."

When asked if he is quitting politics for good given his lack of passion for it or just the Congress, Kalappa says, "Only the Congress party. I was feeling listless in the Congress."

"I am yet to find out the reasons why I felt listless in the Congress," he says half mockingly and half seriously about why he was feeling listless in the party.

Quashing speculation that he was unhappy for not being nominated to the Rajya Sabha, he explains: "There is a system in the Congress by which interested aspirants are required to file an application for being nominated to the Rajya Sabha. You can ask check with either Siddaramaiah (former chief minister and presently Leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka assembly) or D K Shivkumar (Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president). I have not made an application (for Rajya Sabha nomination)."

"I was never interested in being a Rajya Sabha member," he adds.

"The Congress president knows my concerns. I have explained it to her in a detailed letter," he says without sharing the details or content of that letter.

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