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This article was first published 8 years ago  » News » Behind the scenes: To 'Modi Kaka', with love

Behind the scenes: To 'Modi Kaka', with love

By Not The News Team :)
November 19, 2015 15:44 IST
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Modi Kaka exploded not two days ago on the Internet, and apart from evoking surprise, mild amusement and horror, it established a simple fact: What sycophants think and actually end up doing.

When I first heard of the word Kaka, this is who came to mind.

But anyway, I digress. While the social media went all-out Terminator on sometime director and current Censor board bossman Pahlaj Nihalani, the genius behind this gem, Mr N remained utterly unruffled.

'If this is chamchagiri, then I am proud of it,' he declared.

Okay then.

Now we all know how much the Nihalani loves the Modi.

We bring you behind-the-scenes from the short film... :))))

So what is NaMo supposed to do when a bunch of school kids let out blood-curdling screams of Modi Kaka and barge in on his Fortress of Solitude?


It is very unbecoming of the baniyaan (vest) wielding hulk crashing NaMo's private party of dignitaries. Watch him ignore the mannerless punk with elan.

And this is NaMo trying out SRK's signature move. The baniyaan hulk features again, looking a bit too gleeful.

This is NaMo's stalker moment, sneaking up behind an unsuspecting Bapu.

Well, what choice did the Modi leave the Bapu any way?

Please do note: This is a satirical feature and should be read with much humour!

Imaging: Shubir Rishi

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Not The News Team :)
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