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Baby Falak's mother Munni hails from Bihar village

February 11, 2012 17:12 IST
Till date it was not known that baby Falak's mother Munni's original name is Hafizan Khatoon, who hails from Maripur village in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district.

A week after baby Falak and Munni hit headlines in the national media, Hafizan Khatoon's brothers, who are working in Delhi to earn livelihood, came to know that Munni is their own sister.

"My three sons, working in Delhi, informed us that my daughter Hafizan is in big trouble. They told me that till two days ago they were not aware that Munni in news was their own sister," Hafizan's father Mohd Zainul, a retired railway employee, said.

Zainul told over telephone on Saturday that Hafizan's husband Shah Hussain was hiding in Maripur and left the village fearing arrest only after police pressure increased following Delhi police asked Muzaffarpur district administration to trace Munni's village.

"It is bad luck of Hafizan that she was exploited and betrayed by her own husband. Hafizan was threatened by her husband that he will sell her to 'kotha' for money" Hafizan's mother Sairun Nisha said.

Zainul said that it was unfortunate that Hafizan married to Shah Hussan against their wish, without knowing that he will ruin her life.

"Nearly six years ago Shah Hussan eloped with Hafizan and they got married. We opposed it initially, but later accepted Hafizan," he said.

Sairun Nisha said that Hafizan along with Falak, her elder sister Soumya and son Golu, left the village ten days before Eid last year for Delhi as per her husband's desire.

"After that we had no information about her. But now this bad news has shocked us," she said.

Shah Hussan is also a resident of Maripur village under Maniari police station in Muzaffarpur, about 70 km from state capital Patna.

He was allegedly made accused in a rape case after his marriage to Hafizan.

Last week Delhi police traced Falak's mother Munni from a village in Jhunjunu district in Rajasthan.

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