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Army seeks financial help from India Inc to rebuild Leh school

August 12, 2010 19:02 IST

The Ladakh Scouts of the Army has sought financial assistance from India Inc for re-building the lone Army school in Leh which has been badly damaged by the cloudburst.

The Army school, which caters to nearly 200 students, was hit by hundreds of boulders that rolled down the hill along with slush on the night of August 5. The classrooms are now filled with slush and boulders.

The hostel too has been severely hit. "There has been heavy damage to the school building and infrastructure as well as to our boys and girls hostel," said Commanding Officer Colonel Anil Beniwal.

Phiang is nearly 20 kms from Leh city. "One thing that I would request, if it is possible, that the corporates under their social responsibility scheme could help us. We are in far-flung areas and people here are poor. It will be very good if somebody can come up and help us in that regard," Colonel Beniwal said.

Asked what kind of help is being sought, he said, "Somebody could come here and assess it for us or for themselves and can give us whatever financial assistance and help is required."

Ladakh Scouts, earlier a paramilitary force and now under the Army, has also been hit by the cloudburst.

While one of its jawans has died, two are missing. According to officials, the toll could have been much higher without the rows of trees that formed a barrier between its mess, quarters and the tumbling boulders.

Phiang village has also been hit badly with 17 people losing their lives because of the cloudburst. The force was able to rescue many villagers.

One of the most damaged buildings in the village is a 400-year-old Imam Barah, a portion of which has been washed away.

Snehesh Alex Philip In Leh