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AIUDF exploits prez polls to get closer to Cong

June 17, 2012 19:47 IST
The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), a banner political party formed by several minority organisations in Assam, led by perfume mogul Badaruddin Ajmal, has extended support to the UPA's candidate for the Presidential election.

The AIUDF which was formed in Assam before the 2006 state assembly election to launch a tirade against 'Congress's wrong policies vis-à-vis minorities', has of late tried to warm up to the Congress.

The party has virtually become a B-team of the Congress of late with its leader Badaruddin Ajmal discernibly refraining from criticism of ruling Congress party. In fact, the AIUDF leader has been trying to woo Congress leadership in New Delhi to further its political ambition.

The AIUDF is now the biggest opposition group in Assam assembly with 18 MLAs. The party has one MP from Assam. An MLA in Assam is worth 116 votes in presidential poll while an MP of the state worth 708 votes. The total votes of 18 AIUDF MLAs and one MP will be 2,796. All these votes will be cast in favour of the UPA candidate Pranab Mukherjee in the Presidential polls as promised by Badaruddin Ajmal to Sonia Gandhi and the UPA leaders.

The Congress is all set to gain in Assam with AIUDF getting warm towards it. The AIUDF has succeeded in storming the Congress's minority bastion in Assam as it becomes a political force to be reckoned with in Assam. 

The minority voters, who got disillusioned with Congress over the years, chose AIUDF as an alternative with a hope that their lot would be uplifted by the party led by Badaruddin Ajmal.

The AIUDF's ambition to have a share in power in Assam has repeatedly been stonewalled by the Congress party led by Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, who has listened to the advice of influential minority leaders within the party to keep a safe distance from the AIUDF because of its design to annihilate Congress's base among minorities in Assam.

The complexities of minority politics in Assam, has compelled the AIUDF leader Ajmal to try placating Congress leadership in New Delhi so that the party's aspiration to strike an understanding with the ruling Congress in Assam get fulfilled. Moreover, the AIUDF leadership is looking forward for a tie-up with Congress before the 2014 general election in the country.

K Anurag in Guwahati