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Aarushi's parents to undergo narco tests

February 11, 2010 15:00 IST

Aarushi's parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar will undergo a narco-analysis test on Thursday at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Gandhinagar.

The Central Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the case, had asked the Ghaziabad Sessions Court on January 5,2009, to grant it permission to conduct narco tests on Aarushi's parents. The Talwar couple arrived Gandhinagar on Tuesday. Preliminary tests to determine their health preparedness have been done.

The Aarushi murder case, which rocked the country a year and a half ago, returned to the spotlight with the CBI seeking permission from the court. The court heard the CBI's application, which said its probe team found fresh clues, requiring the Talwars to undergo

narco tests. Earlier, the CBI had recovered Aarushi's mobile phone by tracking the International Mobile Equipment Identity number six months after the murder.

The CBI had questioned Aarushi's family with respect to the recovered phone, but what remains a mystery is how the phone reached Bulandshahar. In June 2008, the CBI arrested three men, including Krishna, a helper at Talwar's dental clinic, for Aarushi's murder. The other two men worked as domestic helpers in the Talwars' neighbourhood. However, three months later, all three men were granted bail when the CBI admitted that it had no hard evidence against them. Aarushi was found murdered in her Noida home on May 15, 2008. Their domestic help Hemraj was later found dead on the rooftop.

Source: ANI