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Tripura: A Victory for the Thought Warriors

By Tarun Vijay
Last updated on: March 03, 2018 20:02 IST
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'None other but the invincible chariot led by Modi and Shah could have taken up the challenge and won,' says Tarun Vijay.

Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit A Shah at a rally in Tripura, May 2017. Photograph: PTI Photo
IMAGE: Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit A Shah at a rally in Tripura, May 2017. Photograph: PTI Photo

"We are relaxed. Thanks to Modiji and Amitbhai, the curse of the Communists and Congress has gone forever from Tripura," a fellow RSS worker from Agartala told me after the results were announced on Saturday.

The Tripura victory goes beyond mere electoral success. It is a victory of Thought.

A grand success of the ideology that represents the supremacy of the Tricolour and knows to sacrifice one's life for India.

It conveyed the message of development, prosperity and a secure future to the youth and common person of Tripura who were reeling under the CPM's corrupt and violent governance.

The youth of Tripura -- like youth elsewhere in the country -- have a dream for a prosperous, new, India. Prime Minister Modi's promise of HIRA -- highways, i-ways, roadways and airways -- helped the people of Tripura make up their mind. They voted for a better future.

The Communists, dustbinned by every single state in the country except Kerala and Tripura, drew disproportional space in the media. They were included in prime time discussions only to abuse the RSS/BJP and use the platform to sermonise the nation as the representative voice of the people.

They turned, wherever they were influential, every newsdesk into a Gulag and stifled, twisted, every news that carried the RSS/BJP message.

In Kolkata. In Agartala. In New Delhi. In Thiruvananthpuram.

But they couldn't Stalinise the people's verdict. And now with Tripura gone, they must wait for an appropriate burial for their ideological outfit in Kerala.


None other but the invincible chariot led by Modi and Shah could have taken up the challenge and won.

It is an indisputable fact that the untiring energy-packed BJP leadership invested so much of power and confidence to win that nothing could stop the party from coming to power.

In Tripura, the Communists' 25-year-old rule confronted the first-ever real challenge for the Thought Warriors, trained in the discipline of the RSS and groomed in politics with the ideals of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya and Syama Prasad Mookerjee.

It is unbelievable how the Left-influenced media and secular polity mocked these ideological warriors, made fun of their leaders, never attended the birth or death anniversaries of their late leaders, attributed their every victory to inexplicable reasons -- and not support by the people to their work and ideology.

Still, they were able to turn every difficulty into an opportunity to surge ahead.

Prime Minister Modi very aptly described Tripura as an ideological victory. We have trounced the evil empire of de-Indianised ideological satraps with their roots in extra-territorial lands and thoughts.

They never believed in India and never supported the Indian vision for Indians.

Tripura has more than 31% tribal population, but under CPM rule, the tribals were so famished and marginalised that there were incidents of tribal children being sold for a sack of rice.

So much for their revolutionary thoughts.

Whenever I saw Manik Sarkar give interviews, I saw a portrait of Lenin behind him. The Communists could not find an Indian to adore and draw inspiration from.

While other states have been implementing the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations, Tripura was still stuck with the 4th Pay Commission.

Unemployment rose unbelievably and political violence was unleashed under State protection. Seven BJP workers were killed in the past seven months. A look at media reports will show the barbarity of the CPM goons.

But for the RSS' ideological warriors this was not a new phenomenon.

In 1999, I remember RSS veteran H V Seshadri sitting on a dharna before Tripura House in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, with thousands of swayamsewaks demanding the early release of four abducted RSS pracharaks in Tripura. The pracharaks were later killed under the nose of the CPM government. The CPM government did nothing to save them.

The ideologically committed RSS did not abandon its activities in Tripura. Its work was redoubled -- with reinforced energy and vigor.

From Tripura to Kerala, RSS/BJP workers are being killed for believing in the ideology of the Tricolor.

Those who became spies for the British and wanted to topple the freedom movement from within are the new agents of violence against them.

Who else would have such courage and a willingness to sacrifice their lives for ideology except those who believe in the ultimate victory of Mother India?

In Tripura, they proved change can be brought about only through the ballot and not through bullets.

In Kerala too, they will prove it soon, giving a decent and appropriate burial to the final remnants of Communism.

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