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This article was first published 7 years ago  » News » Time to keep religion out of politics

Time to keep religion out of politics

By Tarun Vijay
Last updated on: January 02, 2017 16:58 IST
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Supreme Court'Let India rise on the prowess of development, honest money and a non-religionist political discourse.'
'That will secure our future and also make an impact on the theologically run sham democracies in our neighbourhood,' says Tarun Vijay.

The Supreme Court judgment barring politicians from using religion for electioneering must be welcomed by every citizen who loves this great nation.

We have been a victim of the use of sectarian, castiest and parochial politics. Religion was used to vivisect our motherland by Mohammad Ali Jinnah's supporters in 1947.

We saw Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress succumbing to the violence and catastrophic threats by the Muslim League and more than a million Indians lost their lives.

Those scars still exist and the hurt runs too deep.

Year after year, we have seen the misuse of religion, religious icons, caste, castiest symbols and appeals destroying the fabric of the Indian Republic's democracy and social harmony.

We still see the macabre dance of destruction in Kashmir -- all in the name of religion and parochialism.

The Godhra massacre happened because Hindus were sought to be burned alive by the hate-bags of Islamic jihad and the reaction was horrible.

All in the name of religion.

If (then Gujarat chief minister) Narendra Modi had not acted swiftly and harshly, things would have gone out of hand in a much more damaging way.

Except Asoka's Buddhist kingdom, no other kingdom in India was ever a theocracy.

Muslims, Parsis, Jews, Christians were welcomed open heartedly and they received shelter when other countries refused them to take in. That is our legacy.

We need Dharma surely.

Dharma means righteousness, noble thought and deeds, and a moral pathway.

The mission logo of the Supreme Court says Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah, meaning through righteousness alone can you protect Dharma.

Hinduism is a way of life, a Dharma, not a religion, the Supreme Court declared in 1995.

I know when I write this, people may ask what was the Ayodhya-Ram Janambhoomi movement?

I was a part of the movement right from its inception, and I know though some secular hate-mongers termed it a religious movement, it was in fact a movement for national rejuvenation, changing the public discourse, introducing new idioms and language in our political lexicon.

Ram stands for everything that India represents, hence that was a national resurrection of pride and honour.

Still, it must be taken care of, very cautiously, and with a commitment that this issue is never allowed to become an election motif -- that would demean Ram's legacy.

Family fiefdoms ruling states and then quarrelling with each other as if patriarchic property is being distributed among the kith and kin is all because of an ugly anti- democracy, anti-development castiesm that saw the most incapable people ruling various states -- not on merit, but because they had the 'right mix' of caste.

The Supreme Court has come as a saviour for our future.

The worst kind of Hindu haters -- and I am firm to use this term for the Communists and secular shamanist politicians -- are those who have been playing the Muslim-Dalit-Yadav card to win elections.

They are destroying the intrinsic unity of the nation and fragmenting Hindu society to win an assembly or central election.

They decide their political agenda seeing the number of people wearing skull caps and those wearing dots on their forehead.

They are not just the enemies of Hindus -- see what they are dong to Hindus in Bengal and Kerala just because they happen to be Hindus. That is it -- no other reason.

And they made Hindus refugees in Kashmir -- just because they worshipped Shiva and India.

These secular shamanist politicians must be taken to task for using religion in its most unacceptable way -- and that is why I solidly support and welcome the Supreme Court judgment.

Let India rise on the prowess of development, honest money and a non-religionist political discourse.

That will secure our future and also make an impact on the theologically run sham democracies in our neighbourhood, whose maulanas are so dear to some of our secular Taliban.

Thank you your honour, you made our new year's beginning really good.

Tarun Vijay is a former Bharatiya Janata Party member of the Rajya Sabha and a member of the BJP national executive..

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Tarun Vijay
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