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10 Things That Make Ranbir A Favourite

By Sukanya Verma
September 28, 2018 10:57 IST
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Happy birthday, Ranbir!

Pedigree, talent, fame, fortune, ladylove -- Ranbir Kapoor's got it all.

And with the super success of Sanju, he's achieved box office prowess too.

The star has plenty to celebrate this time as he turns another year older.

On his 36th birthday, Sukanya Verma jots down a fun list of 10 things we adore about this Rockstar.


How he uses those big, brown eyes to convey 'I've got you under my skin, and...


...I can read your thoughts.


Resistance is futile.


Be childish and charming at the same time. Long live nirmal anand.


Those schoolboy shenanigans he so effortlessly pulls off even in his mid-30s.


Gangster or jasoos, singer or superhero, our man can move from role to role like a master juggler.


The actor doesn't just rise above most scripts. But flies too.


Poster boy for coming-of-age tales triggered by a complicated romance with a sweet, sensible girl who may or may not love him back.


His shape shifting brawn power. From skinny cool to burly Sanju, RK Jr is a Bollywood-sized embodiment of Kar Har Maidan Fateh.


Burn the screen with his simmering intensity. Team Saada Haq Aithe Rakh forever!


His smooch quotient is not just high, but impressive too. Barring Ash and Konkona is there any leading lady he hasn't kissed?


Dance like he gulped down a bottle of Hrithik Roshan!

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Sukanya Verma