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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Dolly Bindra: I apologize for my behaviour

Dolly Bindra: I apologize for my behaviour

Last updated on: November 22, 2010 14:02 IST

Image: Dolly Bindra
Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Dolly Bindra gave Bigg Boss an edge over other shows on prime time television, thanks to her loud and controversial behaviour. But the housemates could take only so much of her abuse, and so she was evicted from the show, along with Sameer Soni, after a showdown with Shweta Tiwari.

Even as Soni returns to the house tonight, Dolly remains out.

She talks to Rajul Hegde about her experience.

You have been loud, abusive and picking up fights with almost every housemate from the day you entered the show. Do you behave like this off screen also?

I do not behave exactly like the way I did on the show. But if I am abused, I don't spare anyone. I have always been like this. I abused them because they created the circumstances. All of them ganged up against me. They gave me stale food even though I cooked for them. They mentally tortured me and wanted to break me. But I didn't let them.

Everyone was so fake. Manoj Tiwari was the biggest liar among them. Whatever I did in the house was the best I could do to save myself from those criminal-minded people.

'Shweta is a double-faced woman'

Image: Ashmit Patel, Sameer Soni and Dolly Bindra

Did the channel ask you to behave in a certain way inside the house?

I wasn't told to behave in a particular manner and pick up fights. Why would anyone brief me to do so? Even if they had, why would I do so? It's not a script that makes you behave the way you do, but the circumstances. Bigg Boss is the baap of all reality shows.

Do you have any regrets after seeing the footage?

Yes. After coming out of the house, I saw some of my footage. I was really shocked that I behaved in such a manner. I forgot that I was on national television and on camera 24/7. I apologize for my behaviour. But I couldn't control myself because there was so much pressure on me.

It looked like you entered the house with the intention of fighting with Swetha Tiwari and you assaulted her as well?

When she came towards me, I thought she would hit me. So I just lifted my hand to protect myself. I have not assaulted anyone and have no such intention to do so either. I am not a criminal. I belong to a good family and am an intelligent woman. I know how to treat people, provided they don't provoke and play any games with me. 

Shweta was very insecure when I entered the house. I am a Punjabi jat. I speak loudly but that's the way I speak. I can't change for others. Shweta is a double-faced woman who acts accordingly.

She would provoke and instigate the others against me. I regret the language I used. But I am proud of not breaking down in the face of the circumstances and that I didn't ask for sympathy.

Sameer said that you assaulted him as well.

He is a nice guy but was brainwashed by the others. I am surprised that he said so. Let them say what they want to. If they think I was loud, abusive, and created a scene, I have the right to talk about it. And now they have got the chance to talk and malign my image. But this will not affect me because I know what I am.

'Sara is a big liar'

Image: Sara Khan and Dolly Bindra

Do you know that people were selling firecrackers (especially the bomb) in your name?

Are you serious? I did not know this. Let me see the bomb and then react (smiles).

What do you have to say about the Ali-Sara wedding?

Sara is a big liar. You saw how she behaved with me. She tries to act innocent but she is not. I wasn't interested in the wedding but I had to because of Bigg Boss. I don't know if that was fake or real.

Sameer said in an interview that nobody believed you when you said you have 180 films to your credit. And we haven't watched any either.

If you have not seen me (in the films), that means you don't have enough knowledge of Bollywood. Ask him to google my name and he will get to know about my work.

He even said that you claim to have an event management company but he has never ever been approached or even attended any of events?

Why would he be invited? Who is Sameer Soni? I know who he is and am aware of his work but he doesn't have any work in our events. We invite only superstars. How can I invite him? Sour grapes. God help him!

Would you like to back to the house?

Yes, why not?