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This article was first published 13 years ago

'I don't know why only my fights were shown on Bigg Boss'

Last updated on: January 6, 2011 12:21 IST

Image: Samir Soni chats with his fans
Photographs: Sonil Dedhia

Samir Soni talked about his stay in Bigg Boss during a Rediff Chat on Wednesday. He chatted about life on camera, the housemates, and answered the crucial question: Is Bigg Boss scripted?


For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.


Samir Soni says, Hey guys wats up :-)


mohit asked, Hey sam, why u became so aggressive in last few days?


Samir Soni answers, Actually mohit you only saw 45 mins of 24 hrs and what they wanted u to see so sorry.


lakshit asked, hi sameer and how are you? Can i know that it was true with dolly bindra as she was reacting and khali as he was showing so lethargic and can you please tell me how can you survive there for a long time with no means of communication as you are investment banker?


Samir Soni answers, it wasnt easy lakshit. I gave up my investment banking long time back


jitu asked, Hi Sameer,Happy new year!i m disappointed that you had to leave.You had so many issues with Ashmit right from beginning and you used to nominate him.But after Veena Malik left the house,you and Shweta became friends with Ashmit and turned against Khali and Dolly.Why was this sudden change?


Samir Soni answers, There was no sudden change we just felt bad for him after all his close friends left.


khan asked, hi samu, two time exit from same show, how it feels, must be very humiliating na.. please comment.


Samir Soni answers, Disappointing, yes but thanks to the response that i have got quite flattering as well. thank you


vishalas asked, Do you think Big Boss outcome is fixed. It seems so atleast.


Samir Soni answers, Cant say for sure vishalas but at times it feels a little unfair.


sAAKSHI asked, Hello Samir, You were the toughest contender for winning the show, but how come you were out, you were little stubborn. I wished that u should win


Samir Soni answers, thanks saakshi i am always stubborn about things.


pramod asked, dear samir. first of all i will appreciate your character, as u may be nowings that now a day sawants and bidras n cg is in lime light they do n't mind fuke language and expose for gain, so, nice to see at least one to have atleast good character and man of good intention, i compare my self in that case who can n't stop my self from preventing bad things but every same seen, so, u can raise yr voice always. what is yr opinion. sweya - her early marriage n [perhaps edc also somew times prevents her from tru character that she might hv processed veena - she has no character just like ooomph, can fall for anybody, i will say no education sara - also looks that her begaviour reflkects lack of education, manoj - good, but in that week when exited, has bad temperant, i fact tried to be fool as well as smart, so such incident happened


Samir Soni answers, Thanks pramod. takes all kinds to make this work hang in there


khalithemoongfali asked, sameer why u played gay role in fashion movie,are you gay or straight


Samir Soni answers, Sorry i am straight. took the role beacuse i thought it was challenging


urmi asked, Hi Samir, i m a great fan of yours specially after BIGG BOSS, i found u a perfect man with balanced attitude. Really felt depressed and sad after yours eviction in bigg boss beoz u are the strongest contender in this show but now you are out, after you, i will definitely hope for Shweta to win but you were outstanding during your stay in bigg boss house. i personally wanted to see u in finale :(


Samir Soni answers, thanks Urmi. makes me feel better with lovely comments like yours. Thank you.

'I am not a quitter'

Image: A scene from Bigg Boss

nishanth asked, hey dude how did you cope up with dolly?

Samir Soni answers,
with a lot of restraint. ;-)

jamil asked,
samir what u thin about veena malik

Samir Soni answers,
She is what she is.. hahaha...


ashok asked, hi sameer how r u ? first of all i am very much appreciate your character in big boss 4,but i feel u r more short temper guy in big boss 4. why so?

Samir Soni answers,
Thank you.No ashok i am not short tempered but i believe in standing for things which are right.

Vinay asked,
Hi Sameer, I feel BIG BOSS has made correct decision by throwing you out in last week and didnt allowe you to even enter in GRAND FINALE. I do appreciate and convinced what THE GREAT KHALI says in last week. Dont you think you tried to divide the house into two groups one group with Khali and Dolly and second you, Shweta and asmit. it was unfair.

Samir Soni answers,
sorry if you think so vinay but i tried no such thing. just stood up for what was right and people naturally gravitate towards people they relate to. No agendas here

DJ asked,
Hi Sameer, do you think that the return of Dolly in the show is a stunt to gain TRP?

Samir Soni answers,
No idea. didnt get a chance to check the TRP's

Simi asked,
Hi Samir, why do you still want to go inside big boss house? Is life that bad outside?

Samir Soni answers,
Hi simi life is wonderful outside but would have loved to finish the challenge.

Garima asked,
Sam,you potrayed yourself like a perfect gentleman in the house,and it was a pleasure to watch you on Big Boss among the rest of the housemates.Was it very hard for you to keep your cool in the house?

Samir Soni answers
, Thanks Garima it was not really hard because i am a fairly cool person but i have little tolerance for big bullies.

WiiKiiD asked,
Samir .. what do u think abt dolly bindra? .. Do u think she has some mental disorder?

Samir Soni answers,
Honestly the thought did cross my mind... hahaha.. I hope not

Toral asked,
Samir have you seen all the episodes of Bog Boss after coming out...Those guys were so much partial wth you, how do you feel about that? I feel very bad to see such people as Finalists...

Samir Soni answers,
No toral i havent seen any episodes but yes did feel little undone but thats life :-)

Vinay asked,
Sameer one more thing, I think you have taken BIG BOSS and your self prediction that I can win for granted and your overconfidence very well shown in what answer you have given to Salman in last week. Sorry Sameer but I would rate you 2/10. Didnt like your sportman spirit, When you are out, look at the house they are united? what you say

Samir Soni answers,
No I dont take anything for granted Vinay. just did what i thought was right. sorry if you disagree but i respect your opinion

nadeem asked,
hello sameer i just want to know ke is bigg boss is scripted or not

Samir Soni
answers, No but you are shown what the producers choose to show you

shaila asked
, hi Samir,why did u agree to go back to bigboss house even after all the humiliation and insult that u faced?

Samir Soni answers
, Because Dolly publicly apologized to me and the overwhelming response i got to go back and finish the chalenege. And i am not a quitter.

'I am a simple person'

Image: A scene from Bigg Boss

Chaudhary asked, Hi Sameer kaisa lag raha hai Big Boss k Ghar se Bhahr aane pe.

Samir Soni answers
, Freeeeeeeeedom :-)

Arps asked,
i Samir!! You know why you are out- when you provoked the Khali in kitchen after making personal remarks on him like Bansori etc...otherwise you would have been win this competition...we know you are intelligent but sometimes become very stubborn ...this is the only drawback you can't improve whole society alone.... reply yaar

Samir Soni answers,
arps i dont think people judge you on the basis of one incident and it wasnt shown how khali had been provoking me all along. Stubborn i am but only for things i beleive in and i dont care of the consequences

vinay_vesit asked,
Hi Sameer..I really liked your attitude on the show..You came across as one of the few people who live by principles..Your actions support what you believe in..Keep it up! we love you.

Samir Soni answers,
Hey thanks Vinay. feels nice to be appricated for the right reason

Fvaz asked, Hi, please give this feedback to Big Boss ppl. I can't understand when Khali talks. Is it possible to put sub-titles for his dialogues?

Samir Soni answers
, Good 1 fvaz. :-)

Robin asked, Hi Samir, Loved your nature at Big Boss. I was hope you to win. Did u plan any strategy in your mind to deal with Dolly if you were there till the last week? I understand from the show that she is hard to tackle.

Samir Soni
answers, Robin i keep life simple. No right from wrong and fearlessly pursue the right

pavs asked,
hi sameer, shocked to see u evicted! is it rigged?

Samir Soni answers,
No its not rigged but can be manipulated for example only my fights were shown in the last week. coincidence or.... ;-)

Jingi asked,
Describe in one word - Veena, Dolly, Kali & Manoj?

Samir Soni answers,
U r kidding Jingi. i need a whole page hahaha....


Samir Soni answers, Thanks Manish but i doubt if its really possible now.

'I didn't meet Bigg Boss'

Image: Samir Soni

prasant asked, Hi Sameer, i was not expecting your eviction from Bigboss. But i think everything is scripted in Bigboss. Whats your view? Anyways i like your nature. you are very straight to the point.......

Samir Soni answers,
Thanks prasant. i know everybody is asking questions about my fight with khali and dolly in the last week. i dont know why only my fights were shown and not what they did to provoke me. looks like they wanted to show me as a villan for a change. Very unfair.

SanjivNath asked, Dear Samir Soni have soem courage to face all these questions.. if you all supeir heros are thinking that we all love n like ur behaviours in Bigboss house then you all participants are in wreong impression ... you all are just topic oif fun for us.. we r real big boss

Samir Soni answers, Never claimed to the Bigg Boss Snajv. Trying my best to answer as many as questions as i can.

Boss asked, Hi Sam... It was nice seeing u in BB4 .. Wanted u to be in the finals but as luck may have it ur not.. Was Veena And Ashmit Really CLose and Intimate with each other or was it just for the cams?????

Samir Soni answers, No idea boss seemed pretty cosy :-)


chanda asked, why r u fight with grat khali without any reason.

Samir Soni answers, I am most disappointed that the reasons werent shown but only my reactions

kalyan asked,
hi samir i watched baghbaan,i saw ur acting,i feel that u have put on weight

Samir Soni answers,
I have Kalyan i am going on a strict diet now

red asked,
samir _fan get urself tested there u will mett ur type like minded ppl

Samir Soni answers,
Thanks for the advice Red :-)

smtcd asked
, hi Samir, what do you think was the reason for your eviction in the last to one week, so close !?!

Samir Soni answers,
for some strange reasons i was projected as a villan all along in the last week.

Toral asked,
Hello Sir, They have saved Asmit so many times by giving the rights to Veena and Sarah only, also Sweta is made captain so many times, Dolly and Khali and saved illogicaly by portraying you Bad, Afterall this also you were there in the BB house till now just by Public votes, then do you think you didnt get enugh votes in front of Dolly ? We will always Love you Samir Sir and thers no BB w/o you...

Samir Soni answers,
Thank u Toral. i am also disappointed the way i was depicted in the last week

Faize asked,
Hey sam, do u think people in Big boss are the same outside too.. ???

Samir Soni answers,
in Big Boss house you see all aspects of peoples personality. its all real

dossaking asked,
Hi Sam..did u ever meet with Big Boss??

Samir Soni answers,
Nope... still looking for him :-)

kk82 asked,
  you keep saying the reasons for ur fight with khali was not shown. then y dont u share it now?

Samir Soni answers,
Dolly kept raising petty issues in the last task which was affecting the entire house and as usual Khali kept supporting her. Since nobody else was confronting them so i had to do the dirty job and thats what you saw

Samir Soni says,
Thank u everyone specially those who voted for me. Sorry i couldnt win it for u guys but i tried and for those who think i deserved to be out i respect your opinion and hope the contestant you'll support wins. God Bless and cheers.