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The 10 WORST Sanjay Dutt Movies

Last updated on: February 26, 2013 18:45 IST

Image: Sanjay Dutt in Zilla Ghaziabad

Bollywood's most erratic superstar has survived multiple decades through a mixed bag of mostly ghastly and some memorable gems. The actor's ability to amaze with a worthwhile offering just when everybody is anxious to write him off is one of his most distinguished features.

About time, Sanjay Dutt focused on this quality and saved his fans from enduring yet another bad film. His latest release, Zilla Ghaziabad is nowhere close to doing the needful. 

Unanimously panned by critics in the harshest words possible as 'assembly line garbage,' the action drama with its pile of cliches and tawdry filmmaking has already reserved a place in the annual Worst Films list.

Bottom-line: Been a while since Deadly Dutt delivered. And so here we look at 10 of his MOST unwatchable works in recent times (The early chunk of his resume is mainly rubbish) with Zilla Ghaziabad leading the bad films brigade. High time actors stop confusing kohl for expression.


Image: Sanjay Dutt in Department

In Ram Gopal Varma's cop drama, the uncomplimentary camera angles of its actors makes it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

It doesn't help that there's no coordination between the story and the acting. It doesn't help that Sanjay Dutt is looking his haggard best. It doesn't help to see the women in Department are little more than lust objects.

Department is bad news, period.


Son of Sardaar

Image: Sanjay Dutt in Son of Sardaar

Bollywood's trend of 'loud and senseless' remakes sourced from hit South Indian films continues with this rehash of Telugu caper, Maryada Ramanna.

And while it may have made its producer a very rich man but Son of Sardaar is just 139 minutes of stereotypical farce featuring industry's most reliable names making a complete fool of themselves.



Image: Sanjay Dutt in Rascals

David Dhawan has made a lot of both –foolish and vulgar comedies in the past but Rascals is low even by those standards. 

Dutt looks terribly awkward and hams his way, lending company to an equally tacky Ajay Devgn as they engage in B-grade humor to win the affections of a dim, barely clad heiress (played by Kangna Ranaut).


Chatur Singh Two Star

Image: Sanjay Dutt in Chatur Singh Two Star

Chatur Singh Two Star has got to be the most embarrassing decisions of Dutt's life. What made him take up a role like that is beyond our grasp.

In this homage to all things moronic, one of Bollywood's most celebrated pinup hunks is reduced to a buffoon of a sleuth with a silly moustache and sillier costume with an atrocious Ameesha Patel as arm candy.


No Problem

Image: Sanjay Dutt in No Problem

With Welcome, No Entry and Ready, director Anees Bazmee scored a bunch of hits and aims to recycle the same old idiocy in the name of humour in No Problem.

But the worn out audience refused to gratify this Anil Kapoor production starring Dutt as a crook YET AGAIN with laughs or their hard-earned money. 


Double Dhamaal

Image: A scene from Double Dhamaal

Dhamaal may not be great cinema but it was decent fun. Dutt reunited with the original's blokes on the sequel hoping to live up to the title double fold.

But the end result is so unfunny, silly, pointless and exhausting, even the actors appear pooped out in the end.



Image: A scene from Mehbooba

Going by the numbers, the Dutt and Devgn pairing is no great shakes. Be it Son of Sardaar, Rascals, Hum Kisise Kum Nahin or Mehbooba, it usually results in forgettable turkeys. 

Not only did the long-in-the-making Mehbooba take too long to see the light of the day, its dated romance and a half-hearted attempt by the leading men to woo Manisha Koirala ensured it was sent back into obscurity.


Nehle Pe Dehla

Image: A scene from Nehle Pe Dehla

It's not possible to mention all of Dutt's little known disasters. So here's Nehle Pe Dehla, which only a handful had the misfortune of sitting through as it vanished almost as soon as it was released from the screens.

Starring him and Saif Ali Khan as, what else, cons with Bipasha Basu and Kim Sharma providing the glamour quotient, NPD is about their scheme to hunt down a treasure. What they actually discovered is a big thumb down from the audience!



Image: A scene from Rudraksh

In this Indiana Jones meets Ramsay mash up of genres; it's hard to look beyond the elaborate wigs sported by its men -- from Dutt to Suniel Shetty.

Touted as a mythological action flick of its kind, the unintentionally hilarious Rudraksh found no takers for its story or their hair.