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This article was first published 11 years ago

Shruti Haasan: People don't make babies by holding hands

Last updated on: July 1, 2013 21:34 IST

Image: Shruti Haasan
Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Shruti Haasan, who started her Bollywood with Luck in 2009, is yet to taste success in Hindi films.

But the actress believes that her moment of glory is finally here with two of her new films --
Ramaiya Vastavaiya and D Day -- releasing on the same day (July 19).

Haasan plays the role of a Pakistani sex worker in D Day, which also stars Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan, Arjun Rampal and Huma Qureshi.

In coversation with Sonil Dedhia, the actress talks about her career choices, music and her famous father's role in her life.

It must be an exciting time for you with Ramaiya Vastavaiya and D Day releasing on the same day.

God has been kind that I am super busy with work. I am really excited and looking forward to both the films.

My characters in the two films are completely different. In Ramaiya Vastavaiya, I play a simple girl while in D Day my role is that of a sex worker.

In your last interview, you had mentioned that your commitments to south films didn't allow you to take up enough work in Hindi films. With two releases, are you planning to focus more on Hindi films now?

Yes, I will be doing more Hindi films, but it is not a conscious decision. I don't know if there is any strategy that works.

I am not avoiding Bollywood. I had commitments down south. I have always looked at it as Indian cinema. It just happened coincidentally that both films are releasing together.

'My character in D Day is not bold'

Image: Shruti Haasan in D Day

It's usually the intimate scenes that make headlines and the same thing has happened in your case with D Day.

People don't make babies by holding hands. Being a modern woman I think if an intimate scene is required to be part of the narrative, it makes sense.

When it comes to my role in D Day, I think it is dealt with sensitively and shot aesthetically. My character is not bold. She is sensual and Arjun (Rampal) made me feel very comfortable.

Your father (Kamal Haasan) helped you get your look right in D Day.

Yes, my character in the film has a big scar on her face and it is an integral part of the look. She is a young girl and has seen way too much in her life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The scar is a metaphor and it had to be done with the help of prosthetics. We wanted it to be subtle and not like an unseemly scar.

When it comes to prosthetics my father is an expert so we decided to approach him. Even if he wasn't my father I would have still called him for help.
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'I did not join the film industry to be a star and be successful'

Image: Shruti Haasan

You have been more successful down south. Do you introspect and try to improve over your past performances.

I am happy wherever I get success. This may sound strange but I did not join the film industry to be a star and be successful.  For me it is about a natural progression.

I am a musician who started acting. When I was a musician I had no intention of taking up acting. I do introspect and look back with a critical eye and improve. But beyond a point, I don't look back.

How critical are you about your work?

I think I am average. I am not too hard on myself otherwise you don't allow yourself to grow.

It's been four years since you made your Hindi film debut, but you haven't made a mark... 

(Interrupts) I haven't made my mark anywhere. I am very young and still starting out in the industry.


'Anyone who has known me will tell you that I have never used my father's influence'

Image: Shruti Haasan

You have always said you don't take advice from your father. But don't you end up talking to him about films when you meet him?

We do discuss about films but in a causal way. I don't take his advice. All my career choices and decisions are mine, which has helped me because other people take me seriously. It is not that my father is speaking on my behalf.

Anyone who has known me will tell you that I have never used his influence.

Is there any film of your father's that you would like to remake and be a part of?

No, there are enough remakes being made. I am definitely not doing a remake of my father's films. It is my own career path. I would like to do exciting and new films.

'I had a chance to sing in D Day and I absolutely enjoyed it'

Image: Shruti Haasan and Arjun Rampal in D Day

Has your music career taken a backseat?

It has because I am doing six films. Simultaneously working on my music is impossible.

I had a chance to sing in D Day and I absolutely enjoyed it. I still write music and practice but doing it full-fledged is not an option now.