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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Getting married has been my childhood dream'

'Getting married has been my childhood dream'

Last updated on: January 7, 2011 14:19 IST

'Getting married has been my childhood dream'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Ratan Rajput is the latest bride who will get married on national television.

Imagine TV's upcoming show Ratan Ka Rishta will take over from Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan, who featured in the earlier seasons of the show.

As the prospective grooms await their chance to wed Ratan, we quiz the TV starlet about herself:

People were quite shocked to hear about your swayamvar.

I don't think anyone should be shocked because it's not like I will stop working after I get married. However much career-oriented girls are, some day they will want to settle down with the man of their choice. I felt this is the right age for me to get married, so I decided to come on this show.

But why did you decide to get married on a television show?

Marriage is a social tradition. Normally, we invite everybody we are associated with for our weddings. As an actor, audiences have made me what I am today. So through this swayamvar, my audience will be a part of my wedding. People will get to watch the real me and not a character from any show. It will be easier for the groom to know me better too.

Image: Ratan Rajput


'It doesn't matter if the marriage is arranged, love or through Swayamvar'

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Your parents could have looked for a groom as well.

I am the youngest of my five siblings. We're all sisters. I know the difficulties my parents have undergone to find grooms for my sisters. No matter what status they hold in society (my father is a retired sales tax commissioner), the parents of a marriageable girl always have to bow down their heads. I don't want them to go through it again, and also give dowry.

Had I asked my parents to look for a groom in Bihar, the boys there would have felt that since I am an actress, I would not suit them. If they look for someone in Mumbai, I wouldn't have been able to adjust to some hi-fi guy because I am an ordinary girl with a simple lifestyle. I still go to the market to buy vegetables, and travel by rickshaw when my driver is on leave. So I thought this is the right platform for me to get married.

How did your family react to your decision?

I didn't get time to see their reaction.

Were your apprehensive about getting married through Swayamvar after Rakhi Sawant broke her engagement with Elesh Parujanwala, and Rahul Mahajan and his wife Dimpy Ganguly faced problems after the wedding?

It doesn't matter if the marriage is arranged, love or through Swayamvar because the success of marriage depends on the individuals. I can't comment on the previous contestants because it's their choice. 

Initially, yes, I was confused whether I should get married or not. Now I am nervous and have the jitters like any girl would, before her marriage. But I am confident that I will find the right partner for life.

Image: Ratan Rajput

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'My parents had a child marriage'

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What are the qualities you want in your groom?

He should be an ordinary person like me. He should be caring, supportive and understanding. He should be independent and respect everyone.

Will you be able to find the right person in such a short period?

I know it's difficult but my family will help me in choosing the right groom. The final decision, of course, will be mine.

If you don't get the right groom, will you still get married on the show because it's a Swayamvar?

Getting married has been my childhood dream. Now, life has given me the opportunity to achieve it. Once I start interacting with the prospective grooms, I will have a clearer picture. But I am a very positive person and hope to find the groom of my choice (smiles).

Who is your ideal couple?

My parents. They had a child marriage and I have heard some nice stories about them. Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar also make a lovely couple.

Can you cook?

I have passed Home Science by cheating (laughs). I am not a good cook but I can learn. I have got compliments for aloo ka parata and tomato chutney.

There was a buzz that the makers of your show Agle Janam were annoyed with you because you have gone ahead and signed up for a marriage-based reality show? Will this disrupt your daily soap?

Laali (Ratan's character) has made me what I am today. I will not do anything that will harm my character or the show. Swayamvar may be a show for the audience, but for me, it's my wedding.

The two channels will take a decision on this matter. I don't worry about issues I can't resolve (smiles).

Image: Ratan Rajput

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