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Is Rahul Bhatt the Next Action Hero?

Last updated on: November 15, 2010 15:40 IST

Is Rahul Bhatt the Next Action Hero?



Rahul Bhatt recently made headlines when he revealed that his eviction from Bigg Boss was planned as he failed to generate TRPs for the show.

He also gave out quite a few secrets of the reality show during a Rediff Chat last Friday.


For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.


Rahul Bhatt says, Hi this is Rahul Bhatt lets start chatting


Kiran asked, hw was the overall eperience to be with ur idol khali..say something abt veena?few lines on her

Rahul Bhatt answers, Khali is a great guy. I'm going to be hooking up with him after he gets out. Going to open a wrestling school together in India.


Sunil asked, Hi Rahul, Veena Malik is fake for sure.. the way she acts inside the big boss house.. but why people like Ashmit and Manoj encourage her nautanki?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I guess you'll have to ask Ashmit and Manoj. But I guess they are attempting to play the game.



Rahul Bhatt answers, Yes, I am. You could see me as an action guy.


bhavesh asked, Hi Rahul, who is most innocent person in big boss house?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Aanchal, because she is just so sweet.



Rahul Bhatt answers, Yes I do like her. Who wouldn't? Ha ha ha.


viiijjjaay asked, you said u never close to dolly but it seems that u have never talk to any body in the house except her

Rahul Bhatt answers, I was very civil. I spoke to everybody.


MUNAF asked, hi rahul, bigg boss is scripted ???

Rahul Bhatt answers, Comfortable reality. Ha ha ha ha.


biggboss asked, now that sara-ali marriage has been exposed on tv what have u say about these big time LOOSERS. are they fit for movies. will u act with them

Rahul Bhatt answers, That's the difference between cinema and television. Cinema requires honesty which these people don't have. It depends whether I'll be acting with them.


sheela asked, why is veena hitting on ashmit when she likes hrishant

Rahul Bhatt answers, Because she is Veena Malik. She is the epitome of drama.


Ranjeeta asked, Hi Rahul....u were excellent in Big Boss....You have an amazing body....will be very eager to see u in a movie

Rahul Bhatt answers, Thank you very much. Hopefully you will see me very soon in movies.

Image: Rahul Bhatt


'Dolly is more genuine than a lot of other people in the house'

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gangeshnaman asked, will u go back to the house if given an oppurtunity?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Well, I cannot be a part of a scripted event. I will let the public decide.


bajrang asked, hey dude...what do u prescribe for abs

Rahul Bhatt answers, Abs are made in the kitchen. Diet is the most important aspect for well defined abs


Akula asked, hi rahul, do u define your emotions after being evicted from house.. more of a relief or more of a surprise.

Rahul Bhatt answers, A bit of both. It was like a paid vacation.


sp asked, Rahul - What do you feel about Sameer Soni winning Big Boss 4 ?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Yes, he is a good guy and a good human being. He is playing the game straight and clean and I would be the most happiest person if he wins.


ravi asked, hi rahul, do you think dolly will be evicted this week or aanchal? also, how much do your biceps measure?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I think Aanchal should be evicted because she is a genuine person and doesn't belong in that mess. My biceps measure 17 inches.


v asked, hi Rahul, why did people not like u at bigg boss house?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I don't know. I was just being myself.


palus asked, Hi Rahul, what are you planning to do after Big Boss?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Movies, a fitness reality show. asked, hi rahul, how are you ? Is there any reality behind the marriage going to happen in big boss house.

Rahul Bhatt answers, Very well, thank you. There is no reality behind the marriage.


sai asked, i am in good lean shape, but after trying so hard I dont get to have the big biceps. Any tips you could share please?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Diet is the most important thing you need to follow. A high carb, moderate protein, low fat diet. I would recommend a good weight gainer supplement with a 3:1 ratio of carbs to proteins.


trish asked, Hello Rahul! Just curious to know why you lied about Shwetha Tiwari 'line maroing' you? You later changed that name to Sakshi. Did you have their names mixed up initially?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I meant Shakshi Pradhan not Shweta Tiwari. My mistake. Sorry.


MONTY asked, Hi Rahul,You were going strong but your association with Dolly hit your kind of perosnality and geniunness. Dolly is like the vampire outside and no matter how much TRP it may gain becoz of her but at the end people dislikes her the most. Do you regret being friendly with her when others were bycotting her???

Rahul Bhatt answers, No I have no regrets. She is more genuine than a lot of other people in the house.

Image: Rahul Bhatt and Begum Nawazish Ali

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'Aanchal is nicer than Khali'

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Bholanath asked, Who was your favorite person in your big boss house?

Rahul Bhatt answers, The Great Khali.


SaifDubai asked, Hi Rahul, u have been elimated at the wrong time coz u just started sharing good vibes with Aanchal and was knowing her better u got out...hard luck buddy....if u get a chance to do a movie opposite aanchal ..will.u do it?

Rahul Bhatt answers, ABSOLUTLEY... :-) HAHAHAHA


Salil asked, Hi Rahul...I wish to be trained under you but stay so far from you....Please let me know how can this be possible.... I want to know whether everything in Big Boss is scripted or not?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Call 9773163523, my PA Nitesh. We will organise something. No everything is not scripted but Dolly and the wedding are scripted.


chang asked, Hi Rahul 1)I would like to know reasons for you to take part in Big Boss. 2) How difficult it is to live in a house which is completely cut off from the rest of the world. 3) I would like to know if there is any change in your life in terms of fame, career or any other thing post big boss.

Rahul Bhatt answers, 1) I wanted the public to know me as I am and not for who I am. 2) I didn't find it very difficult. I am recluse in reality. 3)Yes, there is a toxic fame effect which has come in.


Dickley asked, hey rahul, did bigg boss team gave u a script before u enetered the show??

Rahul Bhatt answers, Absolutely not.


RahulB asked, why dont u try for WWE and Khali as ur tag team partner :P

Rahul Bhatt answers, Great thought. I am up for it. Khali is going to be helping me. We're going to set up a wrestling school in India very soon.


rajesh asked, hi rahul, when dolly called aanchal slow snake, why didnt you talk in her favour?Do you think she is slow snake as dolly has said?

Rahul Bhatt answers, No she is not. Dolly was just trying to evoke a response.


vinnu74 asked, hi rahul/ what do u think of the marriage

Rahul Bhatt answers, I think its great. I wish to get married provided I find the right person.


sagar mullapudi asked, Who is better? Anchal or The Great Khali? And who do you think will win the show among this two people?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Both are nice but Aanchal is nicer, and among these two it will be Khali because he's got a great fan following.


BRD asked, Hi Rahul,Really please tell out of all lady participants who is most beautiful and saxy

Rahul Bhatt answers, Aanchal... it is so evident.


srilatha asked, How come Shewta was palying Haldi with Dolly yesterday donot you think she is shameless after hearing so much fom dolly

Rahul Bhatt answers, That's why as I mentioned that it is all scripted. It is all comfortable reality.

Image: Khali and Rahul Bhatt

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'Shweta is not sweet for sure'

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Riten asked, Hi rahul good to know you as a seperate identity rather than son of shri mahesh bhatt or a david headley case connecyed person

Rahul Bhatt answers, Thank you this is the reason why I came on the show.


Praful asked, Rahul, good physique dude ..keep it up! What according to you are the ideal qualities tht one shd have on a show like Big Boss to win it?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Thank you so much. You should just be yourself as I was.



Rahul Bhatt answers, I wasn't entertaining enough and it is also perceived that I was siding with Dolly when I wasn't.


Yash asked, hi Rahul, dnt u think shweta tiwari and sameer soni are trying to too sweet on the show, but they are actually not?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Yes, thats right. Shweta is not sweet for sure, and Sameer is on his own trip.


victor asked, Is the show really scripted? You did like Dolly Bindra on the show, will you contact her when she comes out??

Rahul Bhatt answers, No I won't.


manish asked, wht do u thing abt sweta??

Rahul Bhatt answers, Great entertainer. Great actress. She gave me my rotis :-)


sachin asked, who r the lazy preson in the big boss house?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Khali.


mahek asked, Hey rahul, you did a great job by accompanying Dollyji but were you secretly playing a game.??

Rahul Bhatt answers, I wasn't secretly playing any game. I was just myself.


hghghgh asked, Hey Rahul....Are you going to join films? If yes why so late??

Rahul Bhatt answers, Yes, I am going to. Not destined to happen earlier.


udithanda asked, Why dont you do a film where you play a WWF champ in the day and a super hero at night.. hows the idea?

Rahul Bhatt answers, That's a kick a** idea. Wouldn't mind at all.


bra asked, Is Dolly given instructions to behave like that ?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I think so... 

Image: Rahul Bhatt, Khali and Sameer Soni

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'Salman Khan is the best host'

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maya asked, who do you think will be the next person to be evicyed from Big Boss

Rahul Bhatt answers, I think Aanchal though I don't want her to come out as she can stay and make some more money.


jig asked, Hi Rahul I had seen u giving tips to great khali about gym how was he doing.

Rahul Bhatt answers, He did well. He is a good listener, very humble and accepts professional advice well.


jigu asked, Hi! Rahul after evicted u said except dolly all is fake but dont u feel that after dolly enterance there was lot of attack she made to the personal issue of the participant which is not good & what do u think of the great khali?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Dolly was just doing her job. She did was she was meant to do.


LootaSingh asked, Everyone knows that Big Boss needs lot of controversies to increase TRP. Every candidate who is kicked out blames Big Boss. But still in next season lot of people Join Big Boss. Its just for money. Every one knows its scripted, then why you went to Big Boss?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I went there to get exposure. To each his own.


ashishthadani asked, Hi Rahul ... what is your opinion who will the winner of Big Boss... & kya big boss fixed hai... aur sallu bhai ke barey mai kuch batana

Rahul Bhatt answers, Pata nahi if it is fixed or not. Salman is a great human being.


ashish asked, how was ur experience with big boss

Rahul Bhatt answers, All in all it was really good. It was fulfilling.


mannantawa112 asked, Rahul, are all the participants in the house just pretending to be friends and not there for money?

Rahul Bhatt answers, There is lot of pretending happening. Well everyone is there for money.


shivam asked, Dear sir, have a nice time... what's the bigger challenge being inside bigboss house apart from making more bucks? Thank u in advance...

Rahul Bhatt answers, The bigger challenge is not getting part of the house politics.


Amar asked, hey rahul, since when u started gyming

Rahul Bhatt answers, It's been about 10 years now.


Naina asked, do you still support dolly bindra?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I supported Dolly on only becoming the kitchen captain.


mrsaint asked, whats that tattoo you got and what made you go for it buddy?

Rahul Bhatt answers, I have a Hanuman tattoo because I am a Hanuman Bhakt.


shriva asked, why the hell were you so much nagging about petty thing like roti???

Rahul Bhatt answers, Because I wasn't being given any.


sushant asked, who is ths best host big boss

Rahul Bhatt answers, Of course it has to be Salman Khan.


SafdarMirza asked, who are the smokers in the house?

Rahul Bhatt answers, Hrishant, Dolly, Sarah Begum and Sakshi.


Bruce asked, Dude, this is bruce from Boston, I only get to watch BigBoss on youtube (recordings), you looked great in the show (girls were ugly), define your learning experience as a human being locked up with crazy people? Keep up those workouts, buddy!

Rahul Bhatt answers, Thank you so much. Human Being are most complicated spicies. Never judge a book by its cover.


Rahul Bhatt says, Thank you everone. I am signing off. Its been a pleasure chatting with you all. Love you. Bye.

Image: Rahul Bhatt
Photographs: Sonil Dedhia
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