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Meet the three finalists of Indian Idol 6

Last updated on: August 30, 2012 18:18 IST

Image: Vipul Mehta
Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

The sixth season of Indian Idol is drawign to a close with just three contestants left in the fray.

It so happens that all the three contestants are from Punjab: Vipul Mehta, Devendra Pal Singh, and Amit Kumar.

As they vie for the top spot, here's a look at who they are:

Name: Vipul Mehta

Age: 21

Place: Amritsar

Vipul Mehta learnt classical music from the age of eight. A mass communication graduate, he wants to do sound engineering. He was a finalist in Voice of India season 2.

Vipul says he's "really working hard" and is "completely focused" for the upcoming finale.

"I don't want to make any mistakes. At the same time I am very nervous because I was among the top five (in Voice of India) and didn't win the title. So, just keeping my fingers crossed this time."

His previous experience helped "to a certain extent, like facing a camera and singing in front of the judges, but the anxiety and stress is always there."

He had expected to be in the top three, he says, "and if not me, I had expected Poorvi, Kaushik and Devendra. Each one of us has a different style of singing, so all of us are each other's toughest competitors.

"The best compliment I got was from Abhishek Bachchan when he came on the show with Ajay Devgn to promote their Bol Bachchan. He told me that I have a soothing and unique voice. And I am original, I don't copy anyone."

He wants to study at the Swarnabhoomi Academy in Pondicherry where they teach different kinds of music.

"If given an opportunity I would like to sing playback also. Salimji has promised me that he will give me a let's see." 

Devendra Pal Singh

Image: Devendra Pal Singh

Age: 17

Place: Ludhiana

Devendra Pal Singh has been learning classical music for five years now. He plays the harmonium and does his riyaaz regularly. His dream is to become a singer like Sonu Nigam.

"I am concentrating on rehearsing and working hard on the songs that we will be performing in the finale. Will see what is in our destiny. May the best singer win," he smiles.

He has impressed singing legends Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. "When I sang the song Phali Phali Paar Baliye, Asha said, 'terrific gaya'. Pandit Jasraj gave a standing ovation after my performance. I think that was the best compliment I received on the show."

From Indian Idol, he says, a contestant will understand where his music stands. "He will get to know how much he can improve his singing and how much he can do in his playback singing."

It's all thanks to the judges and vocal trainers. "The confidence level just boosts up on the Indian Idol stage," he says.

"Pandit Jasraj gave a standing ovation after my performance. It was a dream come true to meet Lata Mangeshkar at her place. All thanks to Ashjaji. We chatted with her for two hours, and she praised all our singing. She is humble and down to earth."

What next after Idol? "I am in the 12th standard. I want to continue my studies and riyaaz."  

Amit Kumar

Image: Amit Kumar

Age: 20 years

Place: Amritsar

Amit Kumar helps out in his father's barber's shop back home. He has won many local music competitions and dreams of being a good singer. He is learning classical music and does shows in his locality.

"It's tough to dance and sing at the same time so I am really working hard on both. We have proved ourselves and reached the top. Now we are just waiting for the viewers' verdict."

So what did he learn from the show?

"I got to learn so many things about singing. I got an opportunity to sing in different genres of music. Earlier I used to sing only Punjabi and Sufi songs.

"The most important thing is I have learnt to speak Hindi," said the Punjabi speaker. 

One of his best moments was when superstar Salman Khan gifted him a brand new bike when he appeared on the show to promote his film Ek Tha Tiger.

"I have gone on a test ride. Due to our hectic schedule I have been unable to use it," Amit says regretfully.

He got "positive vibes" from the judges because of which "our songs also go well."

The praise he cherishes most came from Sunidhi Chauhan. "She said kya buland aawaz hai kya harketee lee hai during the auditions. Also I never thought even in my wildest dreams that we would meet Lataji. She follows our show and gave us some tips on singing."

After being selected in the top 15 he went to his hometown. "Everybody was so happy in my colony. They were saying, yeh mera beta hai, jeet kay ayange."

What next after Idol?

"I want to continue learning music. I wish to become a good singer and complete my education," says the pragmatic songster.