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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Rakhi: I'd have done a better job in Chammak Challo

Rakhi: I'd have done a better job in Chammak Challo

Last updated on: October 11, 2011 12:48 IST

Image: Rakhi Sawant
Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is all set to fire up the big screen again with her item number for the film Loot, with Govinda, Suneil Shetty, Javed Jaffery, Ravi Kissen and Mahakshay.

The outspoken Rakhi does some straight talking here with Rajul Hegde about item songs and why she can't become a heroine.

Tell us about your item song in Loot.

Loot is a comedy and I have done an item song in it. I took a break for a year and I was waiting for the right song. I'm glad that I did an item song after a long time.

Choreographer Remo (D'Souza) has given me some nice steps with sexy costumes. You will see how I will loot these four men in the film Loot. Kareena (Kapoor) is malai in Chammak Challo and I am Rasmalai in my item song (smiles).

'I don't get work as heroines are doing item songs now'

Image: Rakhi Sawant

What do you think of heroines doing item songs?

I am not getting much work because all the heroines are doing the items songs. Today, an actress plays the main lead, a negative role, and also does an item song.

I feel there should be space for everyone in the industry and am really unhappy about this. I started my career with item songs so I can't become a heroine. But, today, heroines are becoming item girls. Where will we go?

You haven't got any offers to play the lead in a film?

No. People have not seen me as a heroine and suddenly if I become one, it would shock everyone. Also, I started my career with an item song and nobody wants to take the chance. I have the spice of an item girl but don't know whether I have the qualities to become an actress.

You need to have the girl-next-door image, you know. Kareena (Kapoor) and Katrina (Kaif) are heroine material, they have a soft image, and item songs are forced on them.

'Nobody can do what I do'

Image: Rakhi Sawant

Is there any item song which you have seen recently and felt that you could have done it better?

I would have done a better job in Chammak Challo song (in the upcoming film Ra.One). The steps could have been done better, with more energy.

I don't want to say anything against Kareena because I like her a lot. Also, I don't want to say anything negative about any of Shah Rukh Khan's films. But I feel the energy was little less for that particular song.

Do you think there is lot of pressure on you because all the item songs like Munni, Sheila and Chammal Challo, are hits?

Definitely there is competition but nobody can do what I do. Nobody can compete with my song.

There is novelty when heroines do item songs but we are the original item girls. My item song in Loot is catchy, with firang girls around all the four men (Suneil, Javed, Ravi Kissen and Mahakshay) and, of course, me.

'I would have overshadowed Aamir in the Delhi Belly item number'

Image: Rakhi Sawant

What do you have to say about Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly item song? (Aamir had said that he called many Bollywood actresses and also Rakhi for the item song but none of them answered so he decided to do the item number himself).

It was entirely based on Aamir and there was nothing much interesting for me to do in the song. Anusha Dandekar (VJ) is not seen much in the song. Thank God I was not there. I wouldn't have been visible alongside Aamir (pauses)...But I am confident had I been there, I would have overshadowed him. Hai mere mein woh dum (I have that power).

What do you think of Bigg Boss season 5?

I haven't watched a single episode this season so how can I comment on it?  It's strange that that there are 13 female celebs and one male in the house. It was good when I was part of the first season.

Now they tweak the format. I like Bigg Boss and it's an interesting show. Shakti Kapoor is a nice person, agar young ladka hota to kuch alag hee hota (had it been some young guy things would have been different).

'I say whatever is in my heart'

Image: Rakhi Sawant shows us some moves

You are often referred to as 'the controversy Queen'. Does that irritate you?

Nahi. Sach bolna agar controversy hai toh main controversy hoon (If saying the truth is controversy then so be it). I don't do backbiting and I say whatever is in my heart.

Who cares about the tag? So now, if someone is straightforward, they start comparing the person with me. I have so many followers and I feel proud about it. There is nothing wrong about being upfront.

How do you sum up your journey in the film industry?

Thanks to God that he always kept me busy with work. People have appreciated me when I have done good work. There were some ups and downs, but that is part and parcel of our life.

What are your other projects?

There are a couple of films and reality shows but I can't divulge any details.

Why do you work mostly on the Imagine channel?

I have worked on every channel but it is highlighted when I work with Imagine. If I get an interesting offer on any other channel, I work.