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This article was first published 12 years ago

Chitrangada: There is no friction between Deepika and me

Last updated on: November 23, 2011 14:47 IST

Image: A scene from Desi Boyz
Ankur Pathak in Mumbai

Chitrangada Singh has appeared only in a handful of films, yet her performances have been distinctive and memorable.

With just the right blend of sensuality and brilliant acting, she is an artist who never ran the rat-race and yet manages to be right up there. She's so confident of herself that walking out of Rakesh Roshan's biggie Krrish 2 is simply all in a day's work.

Chitrangada will be paired up with Akshay Kumar in Desi Boyz, which releases this Friday. The film also stars John Abraham and Deepika Padukone.

Chitrangada chats with Ankur Pathak on Indian men and Anees Bazmee comedies, and about breaking away from somber roles to be an active member of the mainstream Bollywood films.

Desi Boyz marks your full-fledged entry into the commercial mainstream. Are you going to continue this streak or would want to jump back to films like Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi?

I don't want to go back to anything. I just want to do all the good work that comes my way. With Desi Boyz, I think a lot of perception problems will be changed. It was a satisfying film to do and I had a great time in the making. It is a conscious effort because how long can you go on doing the same thing? How strongly can you come across as the same intense person again and again? It becomes monotonous and boring.

Every actor wants to explore something new, something different. It is because, after a point, your reactions become stale and you feel like breaking free. More than the image makeover, I feel I'm doing experimental films, something I haven't tried before. So far the experience has been fantastically fun.

'I regret not being a part of Krrish 2'

Image: Akshay Kumar and Chitrangada Singh

In the past couple of months, you've lost out on two biggies -- Krrish 2 and Race 2.

It was wrongly reported that I was doing Race 2. I was never considered a part of it.

Krrish, yes. I did lose on it and regret not being in it. It's a huge project which is going to be extensively shot with a large international crew. The producers required bulk dates of around 130 days from me. Had it been a little earlier, I could come on board. 

Rakesh Roshan tried working it out but there was too much of haphazard coordination. The film kept getting postponed and then I had to finish Desi Boyz and later I got caught up with the promotions of the film. 

What, according to you, is the hottest aspect about Indian men?

They are emotional, and I like that. They aren't cold-blooded but get sentimental for things like family and the mother. I find it immensely attractive.

And the not-so-attractive part?

They don't give you enough freedom.

'Bollywood is slowly making heroine-centric films'

Image: Akshay Kumar and Chitrangada Singh

What do you think is the most desi thing about you?

I'm from Meerut (an Uttar Pradesh town). My father is from the army. So, I feel very patriotic in a different, more involved manner. When people say that the Indian army isn't very efficient and other such frivolous things, I get agitated.

The blockbusters this year have been male-dominating action films like Singham, Bodyguard, Ra.One. For someone who picks strong female-oriented scripts, what's your take?

The audience is to be blamed for that. They are fixated with this overtly macho hero, bashing up 10 goons at one time. Maybe there aren't enough women patronizing the theatre. Even the industry needs a reform wherein more women-themed films sought to be written. We are slowly making heroine-centric films, and I think Vidya Balan is a major player who is bringing in that change.

'Farah Khan is a superstar'

Image: Akshay Kumar and Chitrangada Singh

You are doing a scorching hot item number for Shirish Kunder's Joker 3D. Is it a part of your image makeover strategy or you're doing it just because everybody else is?

Maybe, both. The main reason is that I really like to dance and I got this really fantastic opportunity with this fantastic song, so I was instantly in it.

Are you saying you weren't offered item numbers before?

Oh, no. I was offered a few and might have done this particular one, but it really had horrible lyrics. With Kaafirana, I knew I was in the extremely safe and talented hands of Farah Khan. She is a superstar. Moreover, the film (Joker, directed by Shirish Kunder) is her own home production and also has Akshay in it.

'I am not too fond of cooking'

Image: Chitrangada Singh and Akshay Kumar

Tell us one thing about Akshay we don't know yet.

You guys know plenty about him, what more can I tell? Only thing I can say is Akshay is really a great cook and a big time prankster. Other than this, there are personal experiences which I cannot talk about.

Were you a victim of any pranks played by any of the boys?

Initially, Akshay and I didn't know each other too well so he was very decent and respectable. But as soon as the days passed, he started his antics.

I remember once when he got this weird, concentrated oil, and passed it on to me. Unsuspectingly, I sniffed it, and found myself in tears for the next one hour, while these boys guffawed! I ran after his life.

Do you cook well?

Enough to keep the person alive (Laughs). I am not too fond of cooking and neither am I a wonderful cook. But I like baking. Banana walnut cake is my husband's favourite, and I make that pretty well.

'I don't take anybody's consent before signing on a film'

Image: Chitrangada Singh and husband Jyoti Randhawa

Do you take your husband's (golfer Jyoti Randhawa) consent before signing on a film?

No, I don't take anybody's consent before signing on a film.

Does he watch any of them?

Of course he does, and he better watch them. (Laughs)

Does he appreciate the kind of work you do?

Well, it depends. He doesn't understand the Hindi film industry too well. He spends most of his time on the golf course. It is a mutual thing: Sometimes I don't like his shots, and at times, he doesn't like mine.

'I really admire Deepika's body of work'

Image: Chitrangada Singh

You have Deepika Padukone alongside you in the film. Did you think that she, having done far more films, would overshadow you?

See, she is a big star and has around 10-12 films to her credit -- all with big banners. I really admire her body of work. But (director) Rohit Dhawan has done a fabulous job with the film, and he told me he had written the character with me in mind.

It really was a big thing for me, and I respect him even more, for him to acknowledge that. I'm satisfied with the way my role has come out, and confident of my work. There is no friction between Deepika and me.

'I enjoy the Anees Bazmee kind of humour'

Image: The Desi Boyz poster

Are you a funny person?

I think I am. I am a bit shy more than anything else. Especially when I'm outside and crowded by a lot of people, I become extremely conscious. I'm trying to get over that. I'm my self-best when I'm hanging out with my bunch of friends.

Which are the funny films that you like?

Eh, I enjoy the Anees Bazmee kind of humour. I really was laughing while watching Thank You. Same with Singh is Kinng. I felt the Sardaars were just too funny especially Jaaved Jafferi. I think he is the funniest guys around in Bollywood.

You are among the most sensually gorgeous leading ladies. Was there enough male attention in your college days?

Thank you. But very sadly, I was in an all-girls school and my mother sent me to an all-girls college, so I'm sure it wasn't the way it could've been (Smiles).