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Zindagi In Short review

March 02, 2021 10:58 IST
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Considering it narrates seven stories about the different facets of life, Zindagi In Short is shockingly lifeless, observes Joginder Tuteja.

Quite a few anthologies have been released recently.

Zindagi In Short is the latest offering, which arrives with practically zero promotion at Netflix.

Considering it narrates seven stories about the different facets of life, Zindagi In Short is shockingly lifeless.


I expected Neena Gupta to infuse life in Pinni.

There's a strong hangover of Badhaai Ho and Panga in the way she looks and talks.

Moreover, the idea about how the lady of the house is considered good only to make delicious 'pinni' is straight out of Sridevi's English Vinglish and it takes away the charm.

The characters around her, be it her husband, daughter, maid, sister-in-law or even courier boy, are shown to be in inherently rude or indifferent towards her.

No, this Tahira Kashyap directed short film doesn't work.

Nano So Phobia 

The characterisation of an old lady feeling lonely is repeated in Nano So Phobia, where Swaroop Sampat feels ignored by her kith and kin.

The only bit of sunshine comes in the form of Niddhi Singh, her neighbour, but by and large, her rendezvous with a dwarf robber-cum-killer (Arun Kushwah) is neither funny nor scary.

It just leads to more questions, though as a viewer, you don't quite care as Director Rakesh Sain hardly builds any tension in the air.

This short film can be ignored too.


Sleeping Partner

Thankfully, there is something to cheer about as Director Punarvasu Naik adds some thrills in Sleeping Partner.

It was brave on Divya Dutta's part to look 'not attractive' in this short film, where she has Sanjay Kapoor as her husband.

There's a sense of déjà vu as the story has the same premise as Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, which was about marital rape and abuse.

What helps are the performances of the two lead actors, and the manner in which Divya finds a key to her life and frees herself.

Do watch this.


Sunny Side Upar

This short has some brief moments, though not the kind that will stay with you.

Still, it is somewhat watchable due to Rima Kallingal's charming proceedings as a doctor on duty.

She has to go through double shifts but still keeps her spirit intact.

While she's sensitive and yet not to every patient, tables turn one day.

Credit goes to Director Vijayeta Kumar that despite a hospital setting, she doesn’t allow the proceedings to turn grim.

Special appearance by Nakuul Mehta helps.



Thappad -- which has nothing to do with the Taapsee Pannu starrer -- is a classic example of how to stretch a five-minute story to three times its length.

This could have been a three-minute commercial, but Director Vinay Chhawa chooses not just to repeat his scenes verbatim but also tell half the story in slow motion.

The message -- to stand up for yourself -- is fine but there seemed no real need to have child actor Vedika Nawani and Shafin Patel to keep going through the motions.


Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle

On the other hand, in Chhaju Ke Dahi Bhalle, you wish there was a lot more to know about what happened in the lives of Manjot Singh and Aisha Ahmed after they met on a dating app.

This is a short story that actually works, courtesy Director Gautam Govind Sharma, as it establishes its characters well, sets the motive right, and gets audiences connected with the lives of the youngsters.

Of course, with a title like this, you do feel connected as well due to the relatability factor that stays on till the end.

Do catch this one!



The anthologies crashes when Swaaha arrives.

It needs some special skill to make actors like Deepak Dobriyal and Isha Talwar act badly, but Director Smrutika Panigrahi makes that possible with a screenplay that is all over the place and a story that makes you wonder what was really happening in this world.

To have a partner admit infidelity in a joking manner without any rhyme or reason is not comprehensible, but the maker wants viewers to believe that it's a walk in the park (or in this case, a garden where a wedding is taking place).

As for the Instagram song featured on Bijou Thaangjam, what *was* that?

In fact, you would feel that sentiment for Zindagi In Short as a whole too: What *was* that?

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