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Vilayattu's music is unimpressive

October 19, 2007 12:07 IST

Jassie Gift, a post-graduate in Philosophy made music his vocation. His debut composing venture for the Malayalam film 4 The People (remade in Tamil as 4 Students) took the music world by storm and set a new trend in film music. Unfortunately in his next outing Thee Nagar, he was not able to live up to the expectations raised by his debut venture.

His third attempt, Vilayattu makes you wonder whether 4 The People was just a flash in the pan. Even with an impressive line-up of singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Anuradha Sriram, Karthik, and Harish Raghavendra also, the album is unimpressive.

Ezhilvendan, former assistant of director R.Selva wields the megaphone for Vilayattu and also dons the mantle of hero for the first time. Saranya of Kadhal fame is paired with Ezhilvendan. Another added curiosity element in the star cast is Hollywood actor Andrew, who has starred in popular movies like Shindler's List, Stake Out etc. as the villain in the film.

Coming back to the album, Jassie follows the same pattern of compositions as in Thee Nagar. He opens the album with his own rendition, Sonna Kelungada, a moderately fast track with a brief rap passage in the beginning. Percussion is minimum. Instrumentation though with sparingly used flute patterns is nothing to write home about. Even Jassie's unique voice lacks its usual charm. Snehan's lyrics exhorting the youth to eschew alcoholism and other corrupt practices are pedestrian. The chorus too is unimpressive. The number has been repeated later in the album though it has absolutely no repeat value.

Mahamaee Neum Vendu with a hip-hop beginning is rendered by Shankar Mahadevan and Anuradha Sriram. Mahadevan's rendition in his usual fiery style is impressive. Anuradha gives him good support but her lisping especially in the opening lines is irritating.

The guitar and flute strains in the interlude are inspiring. The extended swara sequences give a faint classical touch to this piece, which is an amalgam of racy, melodious and slight folksy genre. Yugabharathy's lyrics are a mixture of sentiments and passion.

In the following Kadhal Ennum Kattu Theei Karthik adopts a singing style-like chanting and impresses with his good voice modulation. The number concluding with swara nuances and alapana has a classical feel. Yugabharathy's meaningful lyrics portray the laments of a betrayed lover.

Thavikerean Thavikerean is a very soft number rendered by Sathya. Emotional content in Priyan's simple lyrics about the pangs of separation fails to touch your heart. Jassie's slow-paced tune and Sathya's lethargic rendering have made this a lifeless track.

Nilavennila Indha Devathai is a comparatively good number though Harish Raghavendra does not reach his usual high standard. Sruthi though credited with giving him support is totally sidelined. Instrumental interludes, western chorus and a parallel track provide a good listen. Lyrics are by Palani Bharathi.

Yugabharathi's sensuous lyrics make Vadumankotta Varava Kitta a hot number. But it is a totally reworked version of Jassie's earlier chartbuster Lajjavathiye.

Chikuma Chikatha by Mikku, Arun, Praveen and Balaji is a frivolous track and sounds like children reciting nursery rhymes.

Jassie winds up with a repetition of Vadumankotta in a racy style by Suchithra. The number with heavy drum beats as accompaniment, extra sounds and Suchithra's fast rendition ending in false voice miserably fails to impress.

A total let down by Jassie Gift.

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Saraswathy Srinivas