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Veerey Ki Wedding Review: Predictably blah

By Urvi Parikh
March 02, 2018 19:01 IST
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Veerey Ki Wedding is a messy affair that can be well be avoided, feels Urvi Parikh.

Apart from having a similar name to that of a movie starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor, Veerey Ki Wedding doesn't have anything else to offer, which will make it stand out from other movies.

Revolving around Veer aka Pulkit Samrat and his love interest Geet aka Kriti Kharbanda, Veerey Ki Wedding is a story that we have seen in various forms before. But they probably weren't as abrupt and silly as this one.

Veer is a handsome boy belonging to a rich Delhi-based family. He is a vigilante, always there to help the needy and rescue the weak.

His parents are keen on getting their munda married. He is in love with Geet, a wealthy shop owner's daughter.

They know their respective parents will not approve of each other, courtesy their notions for their kids' respective partners.


How Veer and Geet convince their families forms a major part of the story.

Pulkit Samrat as Veer does a decent job, trying to flaunt his muscles every now and then. Though he charms his lady love with his 'good boy' image, we are far from impressed. We would rather want him to work on his acting skills.

Kriti Kharbanda fits her role perfectly and is a treat to watch on screen. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much to do in this half-baked film. Kriti's Geet reminds me of her previous film, Shaadi Main Zaroor Aana.

The only saving grace in this film is Jimmy Sheirgill, who plays Veer's cousin Balli. It is his understated humour that will help you sit through this unbearable film.

That, and Meet Brothers' music.

On a whole, Veerey Ki Wedding is a predictable and messy affair that can be well be avoided.

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Urvi Parikh