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Vamshi is just average

By R GVijayasarathy
October 03, 2008 13:08 IST

Vamshi is a different film for director Prakash and actor Puneet Raj Kumar. However, despite Prakash's emotionally-charged narration the story of this Kannada flick lacks credibility.

Prakash has tried to show the emotional trauma of a young and ambitious Vamshi who has a very disturbing past. He is the son of an underworld gangster who controlled Bangalore city. He has also tried to show how destiny plays a role as Vamshi encounters most of his problems because of his parentage.

Vamshi has a violent streak in him, and explodes at the slightest provocation. This naturally leads to confrontations with his mother. Vamshi wants to be a police officer and wipe out crime from the city, where his father once ruled the world of crime.

He is also in love with Sharada, a bubbly girl. But destiny has other plans and Vamshi loses his job. He is followed by his father's erstwhile gang members and the politician who supported him. Desperation drives Vamshi to his father's gang and he takes on the opponents of his father, much to the discomfiture of his mother.

Vamshi has to move away from his mother. Meanwhile the police officers tell Vamshi's mother that her son will be eliminated. A distraught mother decides to kill her own son. What happens later is best to be watched on screen.

As mentioned earlier, the script lacks credibility. It is difficult to believe that the police department did not make any inquiries about a trainee officer who has joined the force and is awaiting his posting. The same trainee officer is removed from the post without any departmental inquiry just because a senior officer has it in for him.

Puneet Raj Kumar shows his class as an actor. He once again proves that he is the best in stunt sequences. Lakshmi is at her emotional best.  Nikitha is good in her bubbly role as is Ravi Kale and Rajendra Karanth in their villains' roles. Avinash and Sundarraj shine in the limited opportunities.

Krishna Kumar's cinematography is top class while R P Patnayak is inconsistent in his song compositions. Puneet's rendering of the song Jothe Jotheyalli is very well composed and picturised. Dr Raj Kumar's song Hoovu Hannu has been used perfectly.

All in all, Vamshi does not stand up to the expectations it has raised. An average fare.

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R GVijayasarathy