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Ullasanga Utsahanga is a good watch

By Radhika Rajamani
July 25, 2008 18:02 IST
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Karunakaran spins out another love story, Ullasanga Utsahanga, starring newcomer Yasho Sagar and Sneha Ullal, who played Salman Khan's love in Lucky. The Telugu film has quite a youthful flavour.

The film begins in 1994 with Dhanalakshmi and Balaji, two school-going children, who are the best of friends. Dhanalakshmi's father remarries after her mother's death and her stepmother is very unkind.

When her father dies later, Balaji tries to bring some happiness into her life. But soon, his father gets transferred and Balaji leaves the village. A forlorn Dhanalakshmi tries to cope with life. But when her arranges her wedding, she runs away.

In Hyderabad, she meets Arvind (Yasho Sagar), who falls in love with her. However, she does not reciprocate his love; she pines for her childhood sweetheart, Balaji. Very soon, she is face to face with both the men, and has to choose.

The first half of the film moves very slowly, picking up only in the second half. The songs are quite unnecessary.

Yasho Sagar is lively and convincing. But as an actor, he still needs to prove his mettle. Sneha is okay. Somehow, the chemistry between the two is not very hot.

The music by G V Prakash has a youthful flavour to it. Camerawork is good in parts. On the whole, Ullasanga Utsahanga is watchable for its feel-good appeal.

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Radhika Rajamani