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Souryam is a potboiler

September 26, 2008 13:16 IST

Gopichand seems to be adept at mass entertainers and he churns out yet another one with Souryam. Cinematographer Siva, who dons the director's cap with this movie, ensures that this Telugu movie has all the elements of a commercial potboiler.

The first half of the movie sees Vijay (Gopichand) being chased by Ajay's henchmen. Vijay escapes to Kolkata and seeks admission to a college. There he meets Divya (Poonam Kaur) and asks her for a room to stay. She suggests he talk to her friend.

In the meantime, Vijay runs into Shweta (Anushka) and her gang of friends who rag all boys in college. But clever Vijay outwits Shweta and calls the police. At this point you begin to wonder if this is going to be just another college movie.

Anyway, Shweta escapes the police and seeks pardon from Vijay, who finally gets a room in her house. Living with Shweta is a revelation as he comes to see a demure side to her. Predictably Shwetha falls for Vijay.

Meanwhile, Divya is often troubled by some goons who throw things out of her house and in such situations Vijay comes to her rescue. Vijay is invariably edgy as there are people looking for him. We get to see this as a series of flashback in the second half.

So what is new? Well, nothing as it is the same old formula -- one involving a lost and found brother, a sister against the backdrop of a powerful gangster, Sivaram (Manoj K Jayan from Kerala) and his son Ajay who creates terror among the people. Certain truths about the rivalry and the twists in the story are revealed only in the second half.

As is usual there are more than half a dozen songs in the film. Those in the first half (two) shot in Switzerland are okay as they don't distract the narrative. But the songs which are inserted in the second half particularly the last two are exasperating. Then there is an item number, which is fast becoming a regular feature of Telugu movies.

What fails to hold our attention is the screenplay, which slackens now and then.Siva has essentially paid attention to making a film with a bit of everything -- action, romance, sentiment and emotion. Therefore, it's a potpourri of sorts to a large extent with violence dominating the most.

Gopichand is at ease in his role -- fighting with panache and dancing with elan. He improves with every film. Souryam means bravery and Gopichand displays this and then some throughout the film.

Anushka looks pretty in the songs and has just a few scenes to show her acting skills. Comedians like Ali (with his balloon 'superbody' act), M S  Narayana (who gives a message on AIDS in the process) and Krishna Bhagvan do their bit to elicit some laughs. Manoj K Jayan is good as the menacing villain.

Go for it only if you don't mind walking down familiar terrain.

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Radhika Rajamani