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Bujjigadu offers nothing new

By Radhika Rajamani
May 23, 2008 16:59 IST
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Puri Jagannnath spins a routine yarn in the Telugu film, Bujjigadu, Made in Chennai. Filled with Jagan's usual loads of violence, a wafer-thin story and the regular masala, the film of course is slick. Jagan has built the screenplay on a flimsy premise and weaves in the element of gang rivalry and the hero's super image.

Bujji and Chitti are two childhood friends who can't live without seeing each other. One day they have an altercation due to which Chitti asks Bujji not to meet her for 12 years. But she promises him she will marry him when they meet after 12 years. A forlorn Bujji is forced to agree and leaves home as he can't bear to live in Visakhapatnam and not see his dear Chitti. So he leaves his home and comes to Chennai. That's where the tagline Made in Chennai is justified and that's the premise of the story.

Meanwhile our hero spends 12 years in Chennai presumably like a 'goonda' (as he is shown beating up people), spouts Tamil dialogues now and then. He is a great fan of thalaivar Rajnikanth. There is a song (Thalaiva) eulogising Rajnikanth too in the film. No wonder Rajni released the audio of Bujjigadu in Chennai on the request of Puri Jagannath!

Anyway, when Bujji comes back after 12 years, he lands in jail along with his friend Satya (who is accused of smuggling) as he beats up cops in mufti. In jail he encounters the sons of Machi Reddy (Kota) who give him Rs one crore to finish off Sivanna (Mohan Babu). When Bujji lands up to kill Sivanna, he is injured and treated in Sivanna's house. Later he comes to know Chitti is Sivanna's sister…

The story is rather predictable. The reasons for the rivalry between the gangs of Sivanna and Machi Reddy are not clear. All we see is a lot of fight sequences, well orchestrated though.

Thankfully Bujjigadu does not test the patience of the audience. The movie is more or less evenly paced but the first half makes for better viewing as Prabhas showcases his acting and dancing skills.  

The lead pair of Prabhas and Trisha are able to pull the movie through. With his tall and lean frame, Prabhas is able to flex his legs well especially in the fights and is highly energetic. He exudes a casual image as Bujji, somewhat similar to what Mahesh did in Pokiri.  

Trisha makes a pretty picture and is convincing wherever necessary. Mohan Babu as Sivanna does his job well. Newcomer Sanjana who plays Trisha's sister is okay.

Sandeep Chowta's music does sound a wee bit different and two of the songs are shot against picturesque backdrops. The mandatory item number by Mumaith Khan is there of course. Ali's comedy's track is rather vulgar and unwarranted.

Technically Pokiri and Bujjigadu are stylish but are more or less analogous in terms of theme, style and treatment.

Bujjigadu may perhaps provide Prabhas the much needed hit but it offers nothing drastically new.

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Radhika Rajamani