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Simmba Review: Total Dhamaal!

By Urvi Parikh
Last updated on: December 28, 2018 16:10 IST
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Simmba is a dhamaka from the start till the end, cheers Urvi Parikh.

If there is one director who aces the masala genre, then it is undoubtedly Rohit Shetty.

Rohit knows how to tap the right emotions and bring out the best in a movie with the perfect blend of action, romance, humour, drama and thrill. Simmba, his latest venture, is no different.

An out and out action-comedy that is sure to become the highest grosser of 2018. And when you have Ranveer Singh leading the pack, it is indeed a lethal combination.

Ranveer as Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba is this over the top cop who wins you with his charm. Though he openly declares his love for bribes, his innocence and wit will compel you to secretly fall in love with this corrupt officer.

Bhalerao, a corrupt cop, is transferred from Shivgad (Singham's hometown) to Miramar police station. He finds himself in a happy space with this transfer and immediately is on his way to take charge.

While Simmba is received with open arms by the whole team that includes Tawde (Siddharth Jadhav) and Borkar (Vijay Patkar), there is one man -- Mohile, played by the talented Ashutosh Rana, who doesn't seem to be happy with the new senior.

On his entry into the Miramar police station, Simmba befriends the local goon Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) and promises to be his 'man' in return for money. However, the twist comes in when Ranade's brothers rape Simmba's 'sister'.

What follows next and how he avenges his sister's death forms the main plot of the movie.


Amidst this action, Simmba has his eyes set on Shagun (Sara Ali Khan), who despite a brief role, adds a tinge of grace and spunk to the movie.

As rightly said by Sonu Sood in the movie -- 'Tu chota patakha ek din bada dhamaka karega' -- Ranveer Singh justifies this dialogue to the hilt and he springs up as a true blue action hero in this masala entertainer.

His Marathi accent and that Bajirao moustache instantly become his identity and will be remembered as the trademark Sangram Bhalerao style.

What Singham is to Ajay Devgn, Simmba is to Ranveer Singh.

The young star proves his versatility yet again. Singh as Simmba is every masala film's hero. He was born to do this role. Nothing looks forced or over the top. He is classy and massy at the same time.

Whether it is dancing his way to a club to shut it down or trying to impress the antagonist with his buttering act, Singh does it all and with equal amount of passion.

In the first half, Ranveer tickles the funny bone and there is no way you can control that laughter.

With Simmba, Ranveer is sure to rewrite box office history. No wonder, 2018 has indeed been his year. First Padmaavat, followed by his dream wedding and now Simmba.

Sara Ali Khan, unlike her role in Kedarnath, has a brief appearance here. She is spunky and refreshing. While some scenes do appear a little extra, Sara's screen presence makes up for it.

Sonu Sood as Durva Ranade is top notch. He is one level above his Chedi Singh act from Dabangg. Like Rohit Shetty, who has aced masala films, Sood has made a place for himself as an antagonist. He stands tall in the negative avatar despite a towering Ranveer Singh as Simmba.

Three other stars stand out in this entertainer: Siddharth Jadhav, Ashutosh Rana and Vijay Patkar. Siddharth's comic timing along with Ranveer's spontaneity is sure to crack you up.

On the other hand, Rana's restrained act wins you over.

Apart from them, there is Ajay Devgn who makes a special appearance in the movie as Singham. His swag as the no nonsense cop is unmissable. Right from his entry to the action sequences, Ajay is stellar. He saves the last few minutes of the film from coming across as a bit dragged.

And if that's not enough, Shetty has included another top star and also announced his new cop movie Sooryavanshi, that goes on the floors in 2019. An announcement that we absolutely loved.

And who knows if Shetty makes an Indian Avengers by bringing Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh together?!

Rohit Shetty does full justice to the movie and incorporates his age-old formula of making masala films. His tried and tested method will surely bring results yet again.

Simmba is a dhamaka from the start till the end. The cinematography is excellent. Shots establishing Simmba's entry and the action sequences bring you much needed thrills.

Farhad Samji and Sajid Samji are sensational with their hilarious dialogues. Their witty one liners coupled with Ranveer and Siddharth's dialogue delivery makes first half of the movie an absolute laugh riot. It shall leave you with a hurting stomach.

2018 couldn't get a more blockbuster end to it. Go watch Simmba roar his way! We rate the movie a 4 star.

Aala re aala, Simmba Aala!

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