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Review: Main Aur Charles music is different

By Aelina Kapoor
Last updated on: October 22, 2015 09:00 IST

Randeep Hooda and Mandana Karimi in Main Aur CharlesThe music of Main Aur Charles may not burn the charts, but it it should go well with the film's narrative, says Aelina Kapoor.

There is a lot of talent working on the soundtrack of Main Aur Charles -- Aditya Trivedi, Vipin Patwa, Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya, Subhradeep Das, Kartik Chaudhry, Dr Sagar, Rohan Moktali and Kartik Chaudhry -- and the songs do not follow the Bollywood rulebook.

Neeli Bullet (composer-singer Aditya Trivedi and lyricist Kartik Chaudhry) comes up first.

This one is high on energy and has an elaborate music arrangement. Sung in a husky voice, with some imaginative lyrics, this one should be fun on screen.

There are very few songs in the album that feature a female voice. First of these, is Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin and Jonita Gandhi takes center-stage.

An effort by composer Vipin Patwa and lyricist Dr Sagar, this one is a sad outing, but thankfully, is not boring. The lyrics describe the man of the moment, Charles.

Composers Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya and Subhradeep Das arrive with first of their compositions, Ya Rabba. A sufi-rock outing, it has an ordinary start. Written by Rohan Moktali, Saugat does well as a singer.

A foot-tapping Dekhe Meri Aankhon Mein Jo comes next and you find yourself in a 1960s club setting, with singer Saba Azad perking up the proceedings. The young girl has been dabbling between acting and singing assignments and with her unique voice, it is good to see her have some fun. The music has been composed by Aditya Trivedi and lyrics are by Kartik Chaudhry.

Jee Lo Yaaron (by the team of Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya, Subhradeep Das and lyricist Bally Grunge) begins on an ordinary note. But as it goes on, you start loving the its spirited appeal. A song where Charles is apparently chilling out with friends without a care for tomorrow, it should be fun to watch on screen.

Ali Azmat gets behind the mike for composer Vipin Patwa and lyricist Dr Sagar's pensive Main To Yahin Hoon Lekin. A quintessential Pakistani-pop outing with the kind of singing which has become outdated, it is too short and too ordinary to make an impression.

What is not ordinary though is the theme track Theme Of Charles, at the end. A slow start gives you time to immerse yourself into the song. It gets even better as it plays on for three and a half minutes. Composed by Aditya Trivedi, this is a song meant to be played on loop.

The music of Main Aur Charles may not burn the charts, but it it should go well with the film's narrative. An effort to try something different deserves recognition.

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Aelina Kapoor