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Ee Sambhaashane is very ordinary

February 20, 2009 16:29 IST

Ee Sambhashane is the beginning line of the melodious song of Puttanna Kanagal's 1979 classic, Dharmasere. This song hummable song is known for its melodious tune and great lyrical value. Young debutant director Rajashekhar has used the first line as the title of his Kannada film which revolves around the love story of two software professionals.

The director could have documented the life of the software crowd which has now become a part of Bangalore even while narrating a good love story. However, Rajashekhar seems to be interested only in weaving an age old story. Narration too is done through dated methods, which is the main problem with Ee Sambhashane. The first half is terribly boring and the climax confusing.

The positive elements in the film is music by V Manohar who has come out with three good tunes, and great visuals of Kullu Manali, Madikeri and the North Eastern states, by cameraman Chandrashekhar.

The story goes like this: Raaj and Ramya are the two young software professionals who work in the same organization. It is love at first sight for Raaj, but somehow Ramya does not respond to his overtures. Raaj takes on his colleague and beats him up for humiliating Ramya. But Ramya does not acknowledge his help when there is an office inquiry. Ramya is not interested in love because her dejected sister had committed suicide. Raja goes to Mysore, but he is surprised when Ramya consoles him. Suddenly Ramya goes missing. Raja traces her in Madikeri and finds out that she is down with a dreaded disease.

As far as the performances go, newcomer Sandesh has struggled to give his best. But it is Haripriya (beautifully photographed) who scores with a neat performance. She has the makings of a star and could go far. The comedy of Sharan and Bullet Prakash is irritating at times. Ramakrishna, Sumalatha Ambareesh fit the bill.

Ee Sambhaashane is an ordinary fare and you need lot of patience to sit through it.

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R G Vijayasarathy