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Lakshmi Kalyanam--a tired love story

By G P Aditya Vardhan
February 19, 2007 12:39 IST
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Like any other Teja film, Lakshmi Kalyanam, too is about love and mindless bloodshed. It's the same old yarn where the protagonists like each other first, then realise they are in love. From then on, they are ready to do or die for the sake of love.

Two feuding villages form the backdrop of this story, with hero Ramu Kalyanram and Lakshmi (Kajal) belonging to one village and villain Giridhar to another. Lakshmi and Kalyanram are cousins, who grow up to love each other, which is not appreciated by Lakshmi's father, who is also the village head.

Meanwhile, Giridhar's evil eye falls upon Lakshmi when he chances upon her in college. He writes on her back in blood that he would marry her. This enrages Kalyanram who thrashes Giridhar only to be taunted to prove his love towards Lakshmi by opening the doors of the temple, which is the bone of contention between the two villages.

Laksmi's father expecting a backlash from Giridhar's village, agrees to get her married off to Giridhar. The rest of the story is all about whether the couple manages to get married or not.

The film is so pedestrian that it makes one wonder whether Teja's earlier film, Nijam was a flash in the pan. It is a known fact that he depends heavily on love themes but what surprises the viewer is the routine narration. He never tries to experiment with new styles of presentation.  It is always the boy-love- girl scene, the villain's entry, followed by blood bath. What is different this time is the sub plots, which stretch the film to nearly three hours.

Kalyanram comes out with a decent performance though the forcefulness that was there in his Athanokkade is missing here.

Kajal as the village belle is okay while Ajay in a negative role gives a forceful performance.

Sayaji Shinde, Suhasini, Telangana Shakuntala pass muster. 

Comedy is good in places while music by R P Patnaik is just average.

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G P Aditya Vardhan