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Krishna: Treat for Ganesh fans

October 05, 2007 21:16 IST

Ganesh's new Kannada film Krishna is a simple story well told. Director M D Sridhar has been able to narrate the film in an engaging pace with great dialogues to support. The lead artists have performed well, especially Ganesh.

The film could have been top notch if not for its poor music. The picturisation of the songs also do not meet the benchmark created by the songs of Mungaru MaleHudugaata and Cheluvina Chiththaara

Krishna is sure to make an impact on the audience because of its story. M D Sridhar has used a straight approach in narration. The film's is only two hours and 15 minutes long.

Ganesh plays the role of Krishna, a popular television anchor of a comedy show with a huge fan following. He is always fighting with Pooja, who participates  in the phone-in comedy show. 

The driving force of the film are the superb performances of Ganesh and Sharmila. His dialogue delivery  is impeccable. Sharmila, in her second film, proves that she is talented. Pooja Gandhi has her fine moments. Sharan's comedy will cheer the audience. Vinaya Prakash, Avinash, Sudha Belawadi have delivered convincing  performances. 

Krishna will be a treat for Ganesh fans.

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R G Vijayasarathy