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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Birugaali: Old wine in old bottle!

Birugaali: Old wine in old bottle!

Last updated on: February 09, 2009 17:25 IST

Actor/choreographer turned film director, Harsha writes a conventional script for the Kannada film Birugaali. The film features young Chethan who made a big splash in last year's hit Aa Dinagalu, in an action role.

Harsha has based his first film Geleya on a story written by Preetham Gubbi, who had earlier written the hugely successful Mungaru MaleBirugaali sees him as the story and screeplay writer as well. So, how did he fare? Well, what you see of Birugaali is an age old story narrated in a pattern that has been there for the last few decades.

As in the case of many Kannada films, of late, the quality of cinematography and music is top class. Harsha being the top most choreographer in the industry, has also done some awesome dance compositions. Chethan's action sequences are also impressive. But any film's strength lies in the quality of the story and novelty of the presentation. And it is in this aspect that Birugaali suffers.

The film sends out the wrong message that money can be earned by any means if it is used for the benefit of the community. Even a police officer tells the hero to earn money by any means except killing others!

Hachchi is separated from his parents as a child when his father gets killed and his distraught mother fails to protect him. He is then brought up in a slum. While he is in love with Charishma, Anju, the daughter of his boss, develops a crush on him. Hachchi does whatever his boss orders him to do.

Chethan needs to improve on his dialogue delivery and emotional performance. Sithara Vaidhya as a silent lover, has done well in her role. Tara has scored well as the mother. Kishore evokes a few laughs with his dialogues in the role of a maverick cop. Rajendra Karanth shines as the villain.

H C Venu's cinematography and Arjun's music are well done. Two chart buster songs Madhura Pisumaahige and Helbid Helbid written by Jayanth Kaikini and Kaviraj are very catchy.

But all this doesn't take away the fact that Harsha's Birugaali is just old wine in an old bottle!

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R G Vijayasarathy