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Evaraina Epudaina is average

Last updated on: June 26, 2009 19:10 IST

The first thing that comes to mind after watching Evaraina Epudaina, the Telugu film from AVM productions is, the banner could have waited for a good story line for its re-entry into the Telugu film industry. AVM Productions had ventured into the Telugu film production after a long gap, but certainly Evaraina Epudaina does not boast of anything novel to be remembered.

Debutant Marthand Shankar who has written the story and screenplay is dependent on commercial ingredients to carry the film through. Shankar is no Shekhar Khammula who created a new trend in the Telugu industry through intelligent narration and subtle humour.

Shankar has tried to move away from the story telling method followed in Varun Sandesh's two previous films -- Happy Days and Koththa Bangaru Lokam -- but has not been able to get a right package to entertain the audience.

The problem is that there are too many subplots in the screenplay including a comedy sub plot of Ali, Venu Madhav and Varun, which does not make things easier for Shankar to concentrate on the love element of the lead artists. He forcefully brings a crime angle just for the sake of projecting Varun Sandesh as a toughie. But sadly these things are not written well enough to convince the audience.

Though Marthand Shankar has got the support of a very good technical team including his brother Marthad Venkatesh who has done superb editing job, the film suffers mainly because of its dull presentation in the second half. The extended climax tests your patience.

The story goes like this. Venkat falls in love with Madhu and tries to convey his feelings. Madhu is impressed with Venkat for his sense of humour and helping nature. Madhu seeks Venkat's help to solve a problem, but due to some misunderstanding, Venkat breaks Madhu's elder sister Bhargavi's marriage. Feeling guilty, Venkat makes efforts to bring Bhargavi and her lover, back. Does he succeed? Well, you have to watch the movie to find out.

Varun Sandesh is his jovial best and has acted with ease. Vimala Raman shows her class with a dignified performance. It is the old timer Rama Prabha who steals the show in many sequences. Veteran artists Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Giri Babu stand out with their performances. Comedy artists Ali, Venu Madhav bring in a few laughs, particularly the take off from the Athadu scene.

Mani Sharma's title number is good. His background score gels well with the tempo of the film. The film carries some very good visuals with the songs shot in foreign locations.

Despite some negative points, Varun's enthusiasm and Vimala Raman's neat performance make Evaraina Epudaina worth watching.

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RG Vijayasarathy