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Crew Review: Enjoyable!

March 29, 2024 09:27 IST
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You do get your money's worth simply watching these girls do what they are best at: Entertainment, observes Divya Nair.

A plush airline aptly named Kohinoor, headed by Vijay Walia, files for bankruptcy leaving about 4,000 employees with pending dues to fend for themselves. Ring a bell?

One might think this is a film loosely based on a real-life crisis faced by the airline staff. Until you realise this is a perfect set-up for a crime.

Rajesh Krishnan, who gave us a madcap satire Lootcase, introduces us to his brand new trio, the Crew.


Three enterprising women, who want different things from life and are tired of their day jobs as flight attendants earning moongfalis while serving veg, non-veg meals to pesky, pervert passengers, use their misfortune as the perfect excuse to smuggle gold in exchange for money.

The unusual trio includes anxiety queen Geeta Sethi (Tabu), pilot-trained stewardess Divya Rana (Kriti Sanon), and kleptomaniac Jasmine (Kareena Kapoor).

The first half allows us to glimpse into their ordinary middle-class lives and dreams. For example, former local beauty queen Geeta wants to withdraw her Provident Fund money so she can start a restaurant with her husband.

Divya, who has taken a loan to fund her education, has lied to her parents about her job and wants to pay off her loan and come clean someday.

All Jasmine wants is to become the CEO of a cosmetic brand.

All's well until someone tips off the cops and the smooth racket goes bust.

When all roads close in, the trio decides to risk it all and pull off the ultimate heist to get themselves out of the financial mess.

This is not Bollywood's first heist drama nor is it the first time that a woman is helming it. But what makes Crew interesting is this is probably one of the rare Bollywood films where three women come together for a heist. Unsanskari much?

The bright part is, these are no abla naris who will bore you with cheap speeches on feminism, virginity or work ethics.

These are survivors who will switch to plan B if it can save their lives and change their fortunes.

Written by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri, what works for Crew is the natural chemistry and bonding between the lead characters. The organic sisterhood act, tempered with routine bickering and episodes of teasing each other are the winsome moments of the film.

The girls don't need any props or supporting cast to shine in their respective roles and situations.

The comic timing is perfect, the writing is always almost clean, and the punches land too...but there is this deja vu you simply cannot ignore.

Even when you laugh, and giggle at some of the obvious situations of humour, it is something we have all heard, probably even mimicked some of these lines in our daily lives.

Some of the dialogues are so middle-class that there is nothing new to rave or write home about.

Then comes the weight of expectations.

The mere presence and camaraderie of two talented actors like Kareena and Tabu are not enough to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

The capable trio, you'd agree, deserve so much more and you are just left waiting and wanting for that 'wowza' moment.

Nevertheless, you do get your money's worth simply watching these girls do what they are best at: Entertainment.

Tabu and Kareena go through different phases of ageing thanks to poor makeup and zoomed-up shots of their faces.

Unlike Producer Rhea Kapoor's previous project Thank You For Coming, which was so loud and poor in its purpose and execution, Crew shows us how female bonding can be done right.

If Tabu leads the film with her conviction, it is Kareena who adds the right dose of sizzle and chutzpah.

Kriti, we love you but Kareena aka Jasmine with Plan B is the life of the film.

In certain scenes of film, even the casual styling is so impeccable that it’s impossible to take your eyes off the girls.

Should one admire Tabu's flowy kaftans, her kohl-laden eyes or focus on what she is talking about?

Then there is Kareena giving you style lessons in her figure-hugging bodycon and oversized tops and jackets and Kriti oozing confidence in her cute minis and bralettes.

Overall, Crew may fall short of a few elements to be declared a blockbuster but kudos to the makers for putting the pun, I mean fun, in the right place. This is an enjoyable flight you can watch without any seatbelts.

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