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Nagarjuna charms in Boss

September 28, 2006 15:22 IST

It is change of track for Nagarjuna in Boss after the hugely successful Sri Ramadasu. As the demanding, slightly dictatorial boss, he is charming. As with any boss-secretary relationship on film, sparks are inevitable. Here, it is the secretary Anuradha (Nayantara) who falls in love with her boss Gopalkrishna, better known as GK (Nagarjuna). This love story is juxtaposed with the business rivalry between GK and Sayaji Shinde.

After her mother dies in childbirth, Anuradha is left at an orphanage by her father. Anu has a helpful nature, and it is through one of many good deeds that she gets a job as GK's secretary. She proves her efficiency and, in the process, Cupid strikes. When she eventually proposes to GK, she finds out about his past. Somehow, the story peters off, and viewers are then led through a slightly tedious journey until the end.

The first half is entertaining, laced with humour and the mandatory comedy scenes that have become a staple in Telugu cinema with comedians like Brahmanandam and Ali. Thankfully, it isn't crass humour as is usually the case. However, the second half tends to drag a bit, with the standard twists and turns. As is customary, there are quite a few songs too.

Nagarjuna carries off his role to the hilt. With his suave looks and a good wardrobe, he is uber-cool and effortless in his portrayal as the boss. Here he is on home ground – a romantic role that fits him perfectly. He has a few action scenes, and shakes a leg on the dance floor often. Nayantara has a glam look and matches Nagarjuna in the first half. Shriya is impressive in her blink-and-miss cameo, while Sayaji Shinde looks and acts the menacing rival. Nasser and Sumalatha have little to do.

The director, V N Aditya, has thrown in a bit of everything – romance, sentiment and action, and has given the film quite a slick look. He could have made it a little taut though, instead of it meandering in the second half. It appears to have been inspired by the Hollywood film Two Weeks Notice.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you may be disappointed. But, if you like breezy love stories, you may enjoy this one as Nagarjuna and Nayantara light up the screen.

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Radhika Rajamani