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'Why is NTR Jr SILENT?!'

June 05, 2020 16:28 IST
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'NTR Jr should disown these so-called fans who are threatening to rape me.'
'His silence says more about him than the abuse of his fanatical fans.'

Meera Chopra didn't know what hit her when, during a social media chat, she mentioned that she liked Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu and that she did not know much about NTR Jr.

NTR Jr's fans took off on a tirade of insults against the actress.

"I've received hundreds of threats from NTR Jr's fans, many of them offering to gangrape me," the shaken actress tells Subhash K Jha.

"Some of them have morphed my face on porn stars showing gangrape," Meera alleges.

"I'd have probably borne the brunt of the violent and explicit abuse, but then the fans took off on my parents. Some of them said they wished my parents got coronavirus. That's when I was shaken up," she adds.

"I have decided to take action against these so-called fans of NTR Jr," she says, and has reported them to the cybercrime team


She wonders why NTR Jr is silent through all these attack on her.

"All he has to do is to tell his fans to stop, and they will. But he is not doing it. I wonder why. What kind of fans does he have who threaten to gangrape a woman because she likes another star?"

Meera is not just dismayed by NTR Jr's silence, but also by the lack of support from her fraternity in this hour of distress.

"Not a single member of the entertainment industry has said a word in my support. Not even those who are generally so vocal on social media."

Does she mean Swara Bhaskar and Richa Chadha?

"Richa is a friend of mine. Maybe she doesn't want NTR Jr's fans to target her. I am okay with fighting these cyber goons on my own. I am going to make sure they are taken to task because these cyber abusers, if not checked, go out there and actually rape women," declares Meera.

Meera feels the cult of abusive fan-crushing must end.

"This is a south phenomenon. Every superstar in the south must sternly warn his fans to not indulge in abuse," she says.

"NTR Jr should openly disown these so-called fans who are threatening to rape me and questioning my character. His silence says more about him than the abuse of his fanatical fans."

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