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Who's who in 90210

December 04, 2008 15:10 IST

Remember the 90s show Beverly Hills 90210? Well, the show simply titled 90210 is back with brand new faces.

Nothing has changed much regarding the basic premise, which is about the pleasures and problems of a group of rich children who go to West Beverly High School.

So who are the new players? Let's find out:

Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes): Forced to move to Beverly Hills with her family, Annie had to abandon the lead in the school play and leave behind her boyfriend in Kansas. The only person she knows at her new school is Ethan Ward, the football star with whom she shared a kiss a few summers before. Annie's transition to the new school is complicated by the fact that Ethan is now dating Naomi, the most popular -- and meanest -- girl at West Beverly.

Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds): Dixon is Harry and Debbie's adopted son. A star lacrosse player in Kansas, he soon learns he's playing in a different league at West Beverly. Although Harry, Debbie, Annie and Tabitha accept him as a part of their family, Dixon still struggles with being the only African-American member of an all-white family.

Harry Wilson (Rob Estes): In order to be closer to his ailing mother, Tabitha, Harry moved his family from Kansas to Beverly Hills and took a job as principal of West Beverly Hills High School. Once in LA, Harry reunites with his high-school girlfriend, Tracy Clark, who informs him that they have a child together. This news adds extra tension to his marriage with Debbie.

Debbie Wilson (Lori Loughlin): Debbie is a Kansas native who ran a successful business as a wedding photographer. Although she supports her family's move to Beverly Hills, she often clashes with her feisty, opinionated mother-in-law, Tabitha. Harry's past romance with Tracy Clark, and the news he may have a son with her, places added pressure on her marriage.

Tabitha Wilson (Jessica Walter): A Hollywood legend who has faded from the spotlight, Tabitha is a still-recovering alcoholic. Because of her failing health, her son, Harry, and his family move into her Beverly Hills mansion to look after her. Armed with a sharp tongue and a belly of booze, Tabitha freely offers her opinions and constantly critiques Harry and Debbie's parenting skills.

Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan): The star of West Beverly's lacrosse team, this high school hottie is handsome, talented and adored by the women of West Beverly, especially his girlfriend, Naomi, and Annie, his one-time summer fling. Although he's unfaithful to Naomi, they always seem to find their way back to one another.

Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord): At West Beverly High, Naomi is the Queen of Mean and the most popular girl. But when she learns Annie Wilson is Ethan's former flame, the Beverly Hills diva starts to feel the pressure.

Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup): This wild child has ostracized herself from West Beverly's in-crowd. Once one of Naomi's closest pals, Silver is now considered an outsider. But that changes once she meets new-kid Annie Wilson and forms and instant connection with her. Because of her domestic problems, she's been staying at a local homeless shelter.

Navid Shirazi (Michael Steger): A social outcast, he's the chief editor of The Blaze, the school newspaper. Given his position, he knows everything about West Beverly and its students. He soon befriends Dixon, while also holding a torch for Annie. Despite his conservative appearance, he comes from an unconventional family -- his father is a mega-successful producer of pornographic movies.

Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold): West Beverly High's English teacher and head lacrosse coach remains one of the school's most popular staff members. Although he's likeable with both parents and students, he isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

90210 premieres on Saturday on Star World at 8 pm