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Who will win Bigg Boss 12? PREDICT!

By Rajul Hegde
December 28, 2018 12:23 IST
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Take your pick from Dipika, Deepak, Romil, Karanvir and S Sreesanth!

A hundred and five days after they entered the Bigg Boss house, it's time for them to fight it out at the grand finale on Sunday, December 30.

The contestants have played their mind games, fought their fights, made their friendships and done everything they could to grab TRPs.

The strongest have stayed on, and the count has come down to five.

But it has to be shot down further, until the strongest contestant claims the title.

Who do *you* think will win the 12th season of this popular reality show?

Make your predictions below!


Dipika Kakar

Dipika is probably the most dignified contestant in the house but with zero action and entertainment.

Her world inside the house revolves around her 'brother' Sreesanth. But it's really an overdose of a bhai-behen drama.

Last season, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan were hugely entertaining, thanks to their rivalry. But Dipika does not give us that.

But the television actress does have a large fan following.

Will they help her win?


Karanvir Bohra

Karanvir is among the most uncontroversial contestants on the show.

He entered the house with a bang, but got left behind in the race.

His sacrificing attitude often landed him in nominations and danger zones.

Karanvir had nothing much to offer the viewers. The only time the cameras focused on him was when the host Salman Khan made fun of his dressing.

KV annoyed everyone when he stole food supplies. Even though his intentions were noble, housemates were fed up of finding items -- from sugar to coffee -- in his shoes!

Karanvir didn't really make friends but he had a constant enemy: S Sreesanth.


Deepak Thakur

Commoner Deepak was quite entertaining at first.

His fascination with the jacuzzi on the first day left everyone amused; his simplicity made him relatable.

But his desperation to win took over and his funny one-liners were replaced by derogatory remarks.

His relationship with his jodidaar Urvashi left the audience confused even as his flirtations with Somi kept everyone entertained.

We saw his smiles (his fun banter with Romil) as well as his tears (when Somi got evicted).


Romil Chaudhary

Romil's jodidar Nirmal was evicted early, but Romil played his game well.

The lawyer is good at manipulating situations and is one of the strongest contenders.

He usually takes a fair stand on issues inside the house; his decisions have impressed Salman as well.


S Sreesanth

The cricketer lacks sportsman spirit.

He does not take criticism well, threatened to quit the show several times and is known for his behavioural issues.

He has made demeaning statements and then cried foul when someone discussed his career.

Yet, viewers find him entertaining and honest, as he comes with a different approach.

Will that help him win?


Who will win Bigg Boss 12? PREDICT!

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