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'Truly a rare, noble soul'

Last updated on: May 26, 2005 15:00 IST

Vyajayantimala BaliOne of Duttsaab's most memorable heroines, Vyjayantimala Bali, can't get over the shock of his passing.

In a conversation with Lata Khubchandani, the actress expresses nostalgia. And grief.

I got the news so suddenly that I havent been able to contain the shock. I felt terrible.

I had occasion to work with him in four films, and he was always very pleasant, very helpful. Sadhana from BR Chopra Productions, was our first film. We did Jhoola and Amrapali -- but Sadhana became a huge film in those days.

Sunil Dutt on

Special: Farewell, Duttsaab

Sunil Dutt's last interview.

Images: The last journey

Sunil Dutt was always pleasant and soft-spoken: the regular gentleman. Then, coincidentally we met again in Parliament, in 1984! We -- Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Dutt and myself -- came in together, fought three stalwarts and won!

He did a lot of good work in politics as well. His popularity and love amongst the common man was evident. He commanded such respect.

He was a good soul. That's why he went like he did, without causing anyone any pain or trouble -- he died in his sleep, I hear.

I share my empathy with the kids -- he was such a good father to them. But his spirit was so strong that I am sure he'll be with them in spirit, to guide them with the principles he inculcated in everyone.

He will be missed not only in the film industry, but also by his associates, his party workers, his staff. His affectionate kindness for everyone came through.

His death is a great loss. He was kind by nature. I sincerely wish I could've been there to pay my last respects -- but being so far away (the actress lives in Chennai), everything is over by the time I arrive there. Sunil Dutt was truly a rare, noble soul. It was obvious in everything he did.

Lata Khubchandani