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'Goa is a movie in the American Pie genre'

Last updated on: October 14, 2008 16:47 IST
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He is hailed as one of the brightest Tamil directors after the unprecedented success of his first film, Chennai 600028. We're talking about Venkat Prabhu, the fimmaker who got lucky with his second film, Saroja, as well.

Now, the director has been signed by Warner Brothers and Soundarya Rajnikanth's Ocher Studios to make a film called Goa, to be shot in its namesake's pristine beaches.

His fans got a chance to discuss his films during a chat on Monday. For those who missed the chat, here's what transpired.

anniyan asked, sir pichiteenga 2 films la.. congrats
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you very much.

kum asked, hi how r u sir, your films are nice..super i think u have acted in some films right.. films like saroja good luck
Venkatprabhu answers, Yes, sure.

kesavaraj asked, what is the star cast of GOA
Venkatprabhu answers, It's not yet finalised.

AP asked, Venkat, What inspires you to do hilarious movies..
Venkatprabhu answers, My dad.

sknaa asked, How long was your wait to taste your first success
Venkatprabhu answers, 30 years.

thiagarajan asked, dear mr Venkat prabhu,chennai 600028 &saroja new genre flims with good screen play.we want lot more vareity of films
Venkatprabhu answers, I will do my best. asked, U should have given performing roles to jayaram and prakashraj.they both are grt actors and they were not used up to their quality.
Venkatprabhu answers, They played their character, that's all.

mahendran asked, Hai Venkat the cinematography for ur both films are great and suits the script. Ch28 is a reality oriented film where the camera work makes everyone to feel like their own story and in Saroja camera work is very rich. Many directors failed when handling these kind of subject i think the reason behind this success is U throughly read our audience . From the very beginning to end the film is thriller horrorand also very humorous which is the key for the success. Totally it is total packageof a mysterious story with a humourous screenplay. Goodluck for ur future project.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks very much, Mahendran.

jac_143 asked, Dear Sirs Greetings, Ur films(Chennai 600028,Saroja)is a milestone for ur career.Whats ur next venture.Kindly do direct Sarathkumar.Awaiting for ur reply..........
Venkatprabhu answers,  Thanks very much. If I have a script for him, yes certainly.

kesavaraj asked, hi venkatprabhu when we can expect the movie with ajit
Venkatprabhu answers, Very soon.

NachiManickam asked, Hi Venkat Prabhu' Greetings! I have seen both your movies and I like your film making style.I am also a great fan of Mohanlal.Would suggest that you make a tamil movie with him in the lead with your youngsters in supporting roles.All the best!
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks very much. Why not?

nadendla asked, i want to work with you i am a softeare engineer i really would like to meet you please tell me the procedure
Venkatprabhu answers, You are in a good job. So why?

arvind asked, Hi Venkat, You have delivered a yet another entertaining movie...How interesting is it going to be with your upcoming project with warner brothers and soundarya rajnikanth? Now the hype is more, we are expecting a different tale from you now.
Venkatprabhu answers, I will do my best. It's movie like in the American Pie genre.

thilak4ever asked, Hi Venkat Prabhu, I haven't seen Saroja yet. But Chennai-28 was the best film of 2007. It was nostalgic, and nice to see a seamless narrative without any cliched message in the film. It's good that you brought a different kind of "youth" film, albeit based on street cricket. Ok, here goes my question: Would you work with saleable stars like Rajini, Ajith or vijay in future? Or, do you intend to only cast "actors" who fit the characters in your script. And, when will you stop casting Premji in your films? Oray mokkai poduraar. Okay I was just kidding. And, would you work with Raaja Sr. or Rahman in future?
Venkatprabhu answers, Hey thanks. Well, if I have a script for the biggies I will surely cast them. Premgi, hmmm can't be with him can't be without him. I'd love to work with my uncle, but am too scared to tell him a situation and get a song. But one day I will.

SAKUM asked, ur experience with prakash rai??
Venkatprabhu answers, Awesome actor, brother, friend and human being. asked, What you think about jayaram's character in your movie.i dont think so there any difference between Dham dhoom and saroja.
Venkatprabhu answers, Yeah it was very similar. I didn't know Dham Dhoom's script, even Jayaram sir didn't tell me :-(

iyerma asked, Venkat prabhu, I am eagerly looking forward your entry into bollywood since there is no capable director like you. hats off to you for beautiful two products so far.
Venkatprabhu answers, God bless you.

rajmohan asked, direct the flims for young kutties
Venkatprabhu answers, That will be my dream project.

Elavazhagan asked, "yaar sir indha figure?" from Premji to Saran was a masterstroke in the movie
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you.

Venkatprabhu answers, My next film is Goa. It will surely be fun, fun and more fun. I can never leave Charan. asked, Hi Mr. VenkatPrabhu, Saroja is a master piece. I enjoyed each and every bit of it. After a long time I laughed out loud in the theatre. The screenplay is exceptional and the song sequence jells well with the script. I watched in theatre 3 times. I will buy the original DVD once it is released and add to my collections. Esp the comedy track that goes with the story line. I appreciate the movie release time, artist selection, lyrics esp..kodaana kodi. Your style of making is simply rocking. Just stick to it. Good Luck for your future assignments.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks very much, Ram. asked, Dear Sirs Greetings, Ur films(Chennai 600028,Saroja)is a milestone for ur career.Whats ur next venture.Kindly do direct Sarathkumar.Awaiting for ur reply..........
Venkatprabhu answers, Sir, I will surely work with Sarath sir.

aravind6010 asked, Hi vankat sir,....Ur chennai28 was great....And so was saroja....Now im a gr8 vijay fan....Do u and vijay wl do a movie soon???[:)]
Venkatprabhu answers, Yes sir, why
not. If everything works out well.

Suniti asked, I would like you to make some Historical & Comedy Movies which would definitely enthrill the youngsters as todays movies are rarely good in numbers both storywise & actinwise.
Venkatprabhu answers, Good idea. Will work on it.

kart asked, are you there Venkat?
Venkatprabhu answers, Very much.

sarathy asked, 3.30 - lets start - don't show Indian punctuality :)
Venkatprabhu answers, It's the Indian traffic.

vidyas asked, whats ur upcomin projects tell something about it...
Venkatprabhu answers, It's Goa, a fun film again.

Elavazhagan asked, Vanakkam. Am a Chennaite presently in Singapore. I loved Chennai-28 and Sa-ro-ja. Awesome work, Boss
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks very much. 

t_raajann asked, Dear Venkat, you have just remake the english film as saroja. Then how can u say it is a venkat prabhu movie?
Venkatprabhu answers, Have you seen the English film?

rajmohan asked, Hi prabu sir, how r u u r film superb and singing talent also
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you, but I'm not getting a chance to sing.

Venkatprabhu answers, Very true.

AnandKalyan asked, What Goa is all about? Expections are extremely huge for your next venture. All the Very Best!!!
Venkatprabhu answers, It's a complete comedy riot.

iyerrk asked, hi venkat,saroja very enjoyable movie.12 times i seen the movi.
Venkatprabhu answers, Wow.

prabhagar asked, hi venkat r u tech savvy?
Venkatprabhu answers, A little bit.

meyyarasu asked, Hello Venkat, good to talk to you here. I am from Stuttgart,Germany. Why Saroja is not released in theatres in germany?
Venkatprabhu answers, It's the distributors' fault.

Rani asked, Hi, How are you Director Sir?
Venkatprabhu answers, Couldn't be better.

Mukund asked, hey venky why cant u do a movie like rang de basanti... your heroes will suit that kinda script..
Venkatprabhu answers, Will surely do.

Anandan asked, hi boss... u r amazing .... u r so friendly to every member of ur team.... being a good director how its possible.. pls say ur mandra...
Venkatprabhu answers, I don't know. This is how I am. I hardly get angry.

Venkatprabhu answers, I'm here.

Dhirendra asked, Hi Venkat Prabhu, u r a great director in Telugu Film Industry.Keep it up God Bless with You. With Regards. JAY SHREE RAM.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you very much.

rks asked, Dear Venkat did you work any director b4 u direct the chennai 28? And did you expect the Chennai28 become mega hit? if u answer my question in first then u can get the surprise........
Venkatprabhu answers, No I never worked with anyone before. I thought it will be hit. But you guys surprised us by making it a super hit.

shyam_c asked, hi venkat sir.. eppadi irukeenga? unga rendu padam super...
Venkatprabhu answers, Nandri.

sethurayar asked, i love the way do the old songs and angels dancing around bit in every movie, it hits the spot every time
Venkatprabhu answers, Hlad you liked it.

dhileep asked, hi venkat, i like ur both films chennai-28 and saroja.. all the best for Goa.. pls start doing the same kind of movies with big stars.. we will get to see a more good acting..
Venkatprabhu answers, They are good already. Very soon.

HIDAvenakat asked, ennada sounde illa...enga poyitta???/
Venkatprabhu answers, Ingaye thaan irruken.

vasanth asked, Hi, Congrats on both the movie successes. Generally it is felt that the third movie is the stumbling block for any director? So, how confident are you about your 3rd movie? Have you named it? (I have not heard if it is already announced). Would you do with the same team? (I believe he technical team remains as it is)
Venkatprabhu answers, All the films are important to a director. I am doing a film called Goa.

sathiyaraj asked, who the hell are you man comparing maniratham.
Venkatprabhu answers, Who, where what? Maniratnam is God.

jibak asked, Dear Sir, Please let me know your motivation and preparation before directing any film.
Venkatprabhu answers, Motivation hmmm.

Venkatprabhu answers, Sure sir.

arunm asked, when are you making a hindi movie or dubbing your movies in hindi
Venkatprabhu answers, Ch28 is being made in Hindi now. Talks are on for Saroja.

HIDAvenakat asked, enna da venakt machi...eppadi irukka?
Venkatprabhu answers, Super mams...

kandasamy asked, Venkat can u pls avoid to shoot more screen in bad light area
Venkatprabhu answers, Was it there in both the movies????

kish asked, Hi Venkat.. your Chennai 28 was excellent; but in the end (Finals) which team won? Is it the juniors or the Chennai -28 team? This was not told clearly?? Can you tell which team won
Venkatprabhu answers, It's the obvious. The juniors won right royally. asked, hi prabhu.. In the next film,change the way screenplay method what you followed for chennai-28 and saroja..becoz because ppl will expect different and new things..
Venkatprabhu answers, Certainly, it will be a complete new experience.

sbsubbu1987 asked, vaanakam thilaiwa...
Venkatprabhu answers, Vanakam.

sathiya_dman asked, hi sir, my small request from u. Why can't to introduce new faces in you films, where you can grow up a career for new faces.
Venkatprabhu answers, I am introducing new faces in both my films. So far in two films I've introduced 30 artistes.

kandasamy asked, Myself and family realy enjoy with saroja movie. When u r going to give village subject movies? Becuase it is very useful for village people?
Venkatprabhu answers, Wait for Goa!!!!

sen asked, In Goa Do u have any plans for new faces..Plz reply
Venkatprabhu answers, Scripting is still goin on. Will let you know soon.

BikeNBarrell asked, Dude - How about some weight control Man ?
Venkatprabhu answers, I am happy and prosperous.

Ashwin asked, hi venkat ji? i like both of u r movies. all d best for your future projects
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you.

Jacob asked, Hello Sir, Ur recent Films so good and Nice entertainment.Kindly do direct to Sarathkumar.
Venkatprabhu answers, Lots of Sarath sir's fans here. Will surely work with him in the future.

prabhu blr asked, thalaiva venkatPrabhu reply pls..
Venkatprabhu answers, Ullen aiya.

rks asked,  Hi sir, You are a good actor you becme hot director. U miss the acting? Have any idea direct+act if the scipt needed u?
Venkatprabhu answers, Nope, I love directing than acting. So, I don't know whether I will direct and act at the same time. Probably not. Too much headache.

DILLIP asked, I am Dillip Sahoo from Panchkula. My Question is How u rate Amitab Bachan in film Industry.Also who is ur favourite heroine.
Venkatprabhu answers, Amitabji a living legend. I am so glad that I am in this industry where he is. Sridevi.

Venkatprabhu answers, Comedy.

Balaji S asked, Hi Venkat, Any plan to direct a movie with a classicals like 16 vathinile with village background?
Venkatprabhu answers, That is what my dad is telling me. Very soon.

Srinivas asked, You can't release Tamil Movies in Mumbai
Venkatprabhu answers, Saroja is released there.

aarrvind asked, Best team is RJ SHIVA AND PREMJI.. They r really good
Venkatprabhu answers, Will tell them.

kumaran asked, ji, on trying different screenplay, why didnt u avoid a lady dance with men who lifted liquor bottles ??
Venkatprabhu answers, Okay sir.

Binesh asked, Hi Venkat, Chennai 600028 was excellent. But what happened to your Saroja? I dont think comedy worked out in Saroja. Dont u think so???
Venkatprabhu answers, Hmmm, I thought it did.

ROCKYKART asked, Now that you are known for using unfamiliar faces in your films, just wanted to know whether you would introduce commoners like me in your forth coming movies?
Venkatprabhu answers, That's what I've been doing.

shabeer_43 asked, Hi Venkat! I saw both Chennai28 and Saroja! I should say that these movies are really simple, superb and realistic. Your new projects with any leading stars? In your movies Premji is rocking.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks very, very much.

prabhu blr asked, have a plan to direct SuperStar Rajnikanth?.
Venkatprabhu answers, I don't know.

pisces asked, padam than varushaithukku onnu???? answer kodava?...
Venkatprabhu answers, Enna kelvi sir....

venky asked, chennai 28 was a master piece ,,, saroja could have been better
Venkatprabhu answers, Will do my best next time.

nags asked, hi venkat, do u plan everything including complete script written well before commencing the shooting of a film? do you use any software to write a movie script like Moviemagic Screenwriter, FinalDraft etc..?
Venkatprabhu answers, No, just paper, pen and pad. Mostly we do, but final touches will be done on the spot.

bhaskar asked, Hi Venkat, what is ur native? what is your qualification?About ur family?
Venkatprabhu answers, Chennai, BA(Hons) in accounting and finance. Well I come from a filmi family, grew up in this industry and am married. I have a daughter.

prabhu blr asked, Hi Venkat congrats for one of the best valubale tamil film in the film history.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you sir.

google asked, what do you think is an important for an director?
Venkatprabhu answers, Common sense.

krish_sri1977 asked, have u ever thought that you wud be a director
Venkatprabhu answers, Yes, but not so soon.

pisces asked, when u r goin to direct single hero film?( u can do with premji.....he is very popular)
Venkatprabhu answers, Enna kodumai sir.

ju_sasi asked, Venkat,ur upcoming projects....??? Say some interesting instant in SAROJA....
Venkatprabhu answers, The whole film was fun doing. All friends hanging out kind of feel. You know what I mean?

rsarvi asked, I want you to direct a practical movie about youth in current political situation.
Venkatprabhu answers, I am very bad with politics.

rks asked, Hi congrats for your back to back hits movies, I love chennai28. Just want to ask..Do you have any plan to work with A.R .Rahman in future? ...Thanks
Venkatprabhu answers, I'd love to.

Sneha asked, Hey Venkat, Good to see both your movies. Want you to make a movie with a bunch of girls and the ups and downs they go through in their career, love life , problems with parents and stuffs. Will that be fine for you?
Venkatprabhu answers, I have a plan. Goa will slightly answer your question.

google asked, Hi Venkat Congrats for your back to back sucess,I think your potential is very high y can't you venture into the bollywood?
Venkatprabhu answers, I am very weak in Hindi.

espradeep asked, are you looking for some new faces? naan inge irukken sir! neenga engayum theda venam...oru mail adingoo..odi vandurren! :)
Venkatprabhu answers, Kandipa pradeep

nilesh asked, hi venkat ur films are amazing why dont u act in ur own films
Venkatprabhu answers, I did act.

sunil asked, what is most important to be actor?
Venkatprabhu answers, To be sensible.

manmathan asked, hi i watched ur both moves it is nice & good work keep it up. And all the best for GOA movie
Venkatprabhu answers, thanks

espradeep asked, i saw you in ascendas once...i couldnt wish you at the time! later i felt sorry for that.
Venkatprabhu answers, It's okay, bro.

vinoth asked, Hi Mr.Venkat,Hope ur films r going good in box office.. Y don't you venture saroja film in bollywood.. Hope premji amaran is the backbone of ur script,am i right n who is the cast of ur next venture.
Venkatprabhu answers, The plans are on.

vasanth asked, from the upcoming directors (who have done less than 5 movies totally) who would be your top 5 directors in Tamil Film Industry?
Venkatprabhu answers, Lots of them -- Dharani, Amir, Sashi, Myskin, Goutham, Vetri, Ram, Venkatprabhu...

Mayil asked, Hi Venkat, I saw movie saroja last week. It was excellent movie to watch. The photography was excellent in the movie and the screen was good. My questions to you is "What happen to the movie poongothai which was directed by your father and music by Illayaraja"
Venkatprabhu answers, It's in the box at home.

chenthir asked, why you didn't pursue your career in music like your father
Venkatprabhu answers, My brother will.

rsarvi asked, Hi Venkat, I am a fan of RJ Siva. Somehow I feel that in your film Saroja, you kept your brother premji and your friend charan high in characterisation. Why it was like that??
Venkatprabhu answers, Never. All four had their roles to play.

kishor 2008 asked, i think u are the coolest director in tamil field
Venkatprabhu answers, Really????

espradeep asked, Hi Venkat, eppadi irukeenga? feeling top of the world with your another smashing hit? great going sir...koffee with anu la anuvai neenga ippadi kalaaichirukka koodathu sir....
Venkatprabhu answers, Ha ha ha...

Prashanth asked, hi Venkat, though Saroja looks like an adaptation of the English movie "Judgement Night", I would still congratulate you on a masterpiece
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you.

su asked, how was your experience of working with jayaram?
Venkatprabhu answers, Awesome.

Prashanth asked, hi Venkat, though Saroja looks like an adaptation of the English movie "Judgement Night", I would still congratulate you on a masterpiece
Venkatprabhu answers, It' actually not an adaptation. There is no thriller in Tamil for me. All kinda thrillers are done there in Hollywood. I liked Judgement Night. Have you seen it? I wanted to make that kind of movie, that's all.

pisces asked, RA PURAM 2 gOA......FRM goa TO SWIZ??
Venkatprabhu answers, Ha ha ha

nags asked, do you use any software to write a movie script like Moviemagic Screenwriter, FinalDraft etc..?
Venkatprabhu answers, No.

naveen asked, Hi Prabu, I'm Naveen In Tamil Industry which Director & Actor u like most?
Venkatprabhu answers, There is a big list.

karthikeyan asked, 600028 reminded me playing with my street friends.Now i miss them..
Venkatprabhu answers, Well, I still play. 

aravind asked, i am from melbourne..but there is no proper promotion overseas for ur movies
Venkatprabhu answers, Thanks to my distributors.

Balasubramanian asked, Hellow sir, Make new film for childrens growth.
Venkatprabhu answers, They are growing well.

Rajagopal asked, hi so far so good. i think you should carry on with new comers / low profile people rather than doing movies with stars where in your individuality would get diluted
Venkatprabhu answers, I'll keep that in mind.

Venkatprabhu answers, Tense.

karthikeyan asked, take one film with thala...
Venkatprabhu answers, Kandipa.

bharath asked, What is reason sudden change yr carrier from actor to director ?
Venkatprabhu answers, No chance acting. Had to survive...thanks to Charan.

Joseph asked, Hi Venkat, the combination of you and yuvan rocks, please ensure that this lasts long and come up with different genre of songs and music
Venkatprabhu answers, He is my brother, so he does special work for me. You'll hear new genre tracks in our movies.

vignesh asked, u think realistic films are the way to go..instead of the artificial songs and unrelated scenes in current movies?
Venkatprabhu answers, We need both kind of films otherwise it will be boring.

kathir asked, hi, thanks for an excellent film. But was that item song with all sexy skin show dance essential?
Venkatprabhu answers, Didn't you like it, bro????

vikram9 asked, have u stopped playing miruthangam
Venkatprabhu answers, Hey,
how did you know? How are you, Machi? Still live in Luz da???

Prashanth asked, Hi Venkat, Is Saroja an adaptation of any English Movie ?
Venkatprabhu answers, Not one...many.

karthikeyan asked, in 80's and 90's tamil film were good.But right now only few directors are taking nice movie.those are selvaraghavan sir,amir sir and you.take good movies in future.
Venkatprabhu answers, There are lots of others too. Your question will be answered soon.

rymgopikrishnaa asked, how do u think as a son who has honoured his dad by proving yourself in film industry
Venkatprabhu answers, Blessed.

SUPER asked, I enjoyed watching Chennai 28 so many times. The script suited the audience. I was at Chennai to watch it. Congrats! Couple of questions 1) Do u have plans to remake C28 in Hindi? Think u had a plan what happened? 2) Please speak to distributors outside Tamilnadu, so that people like me can watch saroja in pune it self? All-star Tamil movies gets released here.
Venkatprabhu answers, I think Ch28 is going to be started in Hindi. I am not directing it. Saroja was shown in some screens in Mumbai.

Sudarsanan asked, Hi venkat i am sudarsanan here.. i am good fan of ur films.. ur way of using premji is cool... how is your next film 'goa' growing?
Venkatprabhu answers, Good.

shvanu asked, heloooooooooooooooooo your movie was good but more then mistake
Venkatprabhu answers, What mistake? Spelling mistakes????

vinoth asked, Hi Mr.Venkat,Hope ur films r going good in box office.. Y don't you venture saroja film in bollywood.. Hope premji amaran is the backbone of ur script,am i right n who is the cast of ur next venture.
Venkatprabhu answers, He is there in Goa. Talks are on for Saroja's Hindi version.

Venkat Bharath 1954 asked, Minus sex, minus fightings, minus artificial things can we see the true real pictures in near future, sir.
Venkatprabhu answers, So you don't want entertainment????

Gopal asked, Hi Venkat, Is there any possibility to pull all type of indian audiences by directing a tamil film? Will audience accept 'SAROJA' screenplay when it is taken to international level? Reaching international; is like promotion to your work... your view on this please
Venkatprabhu answers, Saroja is for an international audience. A film with subtitles can be promoted anywhere in the world.

ramkrrish asked, Hi venkat, whats ur next film, who is the hero... we all are waiting for that. at the 150day funtion of kuruvi, u told u r going to direct vijay, is it true? when it will be?
Venkatprabhu answers, I didn't say I am going to direct Vijay Sir. I said I'd love to.

ranga asked, Considering the increasing awareness about world cinema, how much homework do you think a director today in Kollywood need?
Venkatprabhu answers, I don't know. You should ask some big director this question.

shyam sunder asked, hi venkat, do u have any ideas of directing my fav hero vijay ??
Venkatprabhu answers, Soon, if he gives dates.

Venkat Bharath 1954 asked, Srirama, I just would like to congratulate you for your achievements and wishing all the best. I am a Rama bhaktha and ardent devotee of Kanchipeetam.
Venkatprabhu answers, Thank you very much.

magesh asked, thanks for your hits. The hip dance at saroja was really mind blowing. Please tell about that dance. What your next flim
Venkatprabhu answers, All thanks to Kalyan the choreographer and Nikitha for making it look beautiful.

SUBHASH asked, in saroja you made a wrong choice of making Jayaram as villain instead of prakash rai. it should have been otherway. jayaram does not fit the bill.
Venkatprabhu answers, That's the whole idea.

SUBHASH asked, saroja was xcellent. by the way who was the villian in that movie ? i guess is it sampath ? has he done any previous films?
Venkatprabhu answers, Yeah, a lot of films these days.

maruthi asked, hello i am from andhrapradesh and when you are directing telegu film with chiranjeevi
Venkatprabhu answers, He is into politics now, so probably with his son.

Saravanan asked, How you differ from Mr Gangai Amaran for direction (except technology and village oriented story)
Venkatprabhu answers, There is not much difference.

Haja asked, what is your next plan ?
Venkatprabhu answers, Go home.

s.c.vinod asked, hi dude..........any plans of directing Thala Ajith.......if so wen is it??????? we Ajith fans are very eager to know it.......!
Venkatprabhu answers, Soon..

bond asked, both nikhitha and vega rocked! thanks!
Venkatprabhu answers,  Will tell them.

Venkatprabhu says, Thanks mates, it was great chatting with you all. Sorry if I didn't answer your questions properly. After Goa I will be back. Will chat one whole day. God bless.

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