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'The Roast is more important than rape?'

February 04, 2015 17:46 IST
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The only tweets that make sense.

The Hindi film fraternity rose in support of the funnymen over at AIB after they received flak for the 'vulgar' content of their recently released Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor

Here's what the outrage mill has churned on Twitter so far:


Esha Gupta made a bleak observation... 


'Govt talking abt the roast just shows the Roast is more important than Rape.few officials in India seem to watch more YouTube than news.'

Parineeti Chopra: 'Nobody is forcing you to watch the Roast! You choose! Why oppose it completely? Take it easy guys!!'

Richa Chadha: 'We have no disease, famine, agrarian crisis, poverty, rape, riots, war, pollution or dying tigers. Let's focus all our attention on the #AIBRoast'


While Sonakshi was at her sarcastic best...


The Lootera actress, who also attended the event and was targeted with a joke or two, tweeted, 'So nice to see twitter is filled with such angels who point out hypocrisy n never use foul language n have nvr laughed at dirty jokes (haw)'

Hansal Mehta: 'Watched AIB knockout and did not find it funny. So what? It is their prerogative to poke fun at each other and to put it on public domain.'

Tara Sharma Saluja: 'I don’t understand banning #AIBRoast #FreedomOfSpeech is our basic right & it’s a choice to watch or not! Let adults make their own choices'

Sandhya Mridul: 'Chalo #AIBRoast off You tube. Sab khush? Now lets start scrutinising & punishing all those who use bad words. EVERYONE. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME.'

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur's reaction was lyrical...


'Its so funny' She said. 'What' I said. '#AIBKnockout' She said. 'I thought it was vulgar' I said. 'Yes' She said 'Very Vulgar n very funny,' he tweeted.

Ritesh Sidhwani: 'Guys really!! Inquiry being conducted on people who decided to laugh & take a piss on themselves. Evolve people it’s about time #AIBRoast'

Shruti Seth: 'The #AIBRoast being pulled off YouTube is the WORST kind of moral policing . You don't find it funny, feel offended DON'T WATCH IT, simple!'

Farah Khan: 'Corruption, rape, child abuse, gender bias, religious intolerance.. Even bad manners..These r the things that truly OFFEND me!!'

However, the best one came from Roast Master Karan Johar's former Twitter foe Ram Gopal Varma 


'Whoever reacting negativly on AIB r just 2 bit dirt cheap publicity mongers who r Jst  trying 2 get in ther own 2 bit reflected light of AIB,' he tweeted.

'Anyone who condemns Karan's AIB show whether from government or various organisations are just figure heads of repressive regressions.

'For me AIB is not a comedy show ..its a k j 's philosophical treatise on uprooting a hypocritical society and to grow an all new one.

'What books sociologists scholars couldn't do in decades Karan Johar did in 2 hours in a highly entertaining show nd that too so simply.

'I feel what Karan did in AIB in time wil most certainly have a irreversible Before Karan/After Karan effect on the way india looks at itself,' the filmmaker said in a series of tweets.

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