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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Movies » (Strip)tease: Aamir's PK trailer is out now!

(Strip)tease: Aamir's PK trailer is out now!

By Raja Sen/
Last updated on: October 23, 2014 14:27 IST
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Aamir Khan in PKWhat on earth is Aamir Khan up to? The trailer of his latest -- PK -- offers a peek! And Raja Sen has this to say:

I feel utterly conflicted by the first trailer for Rajkumar Hirani's PK. On one hand, it looks goofy and heartwarming and overwhelmingly cheerful.

On the other, however, it looks like Aamir Khan -- in a sincere attempt to play a Bean-like bumpkin -- might be taking his imbecilic Dhoom 3 silliness to a whole other extreme.

But hard as it may be to get over the scars of that blockbuster monstrosity, this is still a Rajkumar Hirani film, and is naturally accompanied by much good-natured freshness, far more than we normally see in our movies.

The trailer, introducing us to Khan's titular character ("a teetotaller named tipsy," say the subtitles) does exactly what a first trailer should do.

It gets us curious. Very curious.

Khan's P.K. seems to be an accidental offender, a socially inept fellow who tries to fix whatever comes his way and doesn't think twice before stealing whatever he (quite wrongly) believes is offered to him.

This, as one can imagine, leads to much consternation. And Anushka Sharma, narrator of the trailer and PK's dost, appears rightfully amused.

Will we be?

The question will be answered on December 19, but for now Khan must be lauded for making fun of his own Vulcan ears.

And Hirani must be slapped fondly on the back for giving us a tiny glimpse of the much-missed Sanjay Dutt, who plays a supporting role in PK

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Raja Sen/ in Mumbai