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This article was first published 11 years ago  » Movies » Review: Manjunatha BA LLB is watchable

Review: Manjunatha BA LLB is watchable

By Srikanth Srinivasa
September 14, 2012 15:03 IST
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A scene from Manjunath BA LLBKannada film Manjunatha BA LLB is watchable, writes Srikanth Srinivasa

Manjunathan BA LLB starring Jaggesh and directed by S Mohan seems like a continuation of the actor's earlier film Eddelu Manjunatha.

Jaggesh plays a drunk lawyer in this film while in the former, he played a good-for-nothing husband.

Manjunatha is a remake of the Malayalam film Hello that had Mohanlal in the lead.

Manjunatha (Jaggesh) is a brilliant lawyer who is on a self-destructive mission as he drowns himself in alcohol. His follower and sidekick Basheer (Tabala Nani) rescues him whenever he gets involved in a brawl.

To find out why Manjunatha hits the bottle so hard, the film rewinds to his past when he is in love with a girl. Her father doesn't approve of him and locks him up in a room to prevent him from meeting her. 

The girl is killed while waiting for him alone so
that they could elope. The young lawyer is devastated and turns to alcohol.

He gets a call from a stranger called Sneha (Reema Vohra) who tells him that her life is in grave danger and begs him to rescue her.  The call changes his life and thus starts Manjunatha's battle to save Sneha from her own relatives who are out to usurp her family's wealth. Sneha is impressed with Manjunatha's brilliance and falls in love with him.

Jaggesh is hilarious with his funny one-liners and mannerisms. Tabala Nani gives him good support as the friend who is always there to rescue him. Srinivasa Murthy as the father is adequate.

Reema Vohra has done justice to her role and so has Spoorthi as Manjunatha's first girlfriend. Chandrashekar of Yeddakallu Guddadamele makes a brief appearance as the heroine's father.

Though there are too many characters, which leaves one confused, Manjunatha BA LLB is a watchable film.

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Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore